Why You Should Consider Augmented Reality Remote Maintenance For Your Business

2 Settembre 2020

Nowadays, entire portions of the industrial sector are taking advantage of augmented reality tech to empower their workforces while keeping them safer and productive at the same time. Let’s see why everybody is choosing this new technology and why you should consider augmented reality remote maintenance for your business as well.

Maintenance has a key role in the industrial sector because of the awful effects that we can see on the productivity of our machineries, factories, and entire sections of our businesses when we neglect it.

That’s why we are watching a constant upgrading of this vital operation and a constant shifting towards technologies that implement augmented reality tech when we are speaking of remote maintenance.

Why You Should Consider Augmented Reality Remote Maintenance For Your Business

Augmented Reality  And Remote Maintenance Operations

AR tech enables its users to enhance the reality viewed in that very moment thanks to a superimposed digital data. 

This is basically revolutionary in the remote maintenance experience because of the possibility of gaining all the information needed on a machinery, technological instrument and so on and about what is the issue and how to solve it with many interactive methods thanks to the help of a remote user specialized in that sector.

It means that even your inexperienced workforce or fresh employees will be able to perform even the most difficult maintenance operations thanks to augmented reality.

This has enormous benefits in terms of reduced costs to reduce downtime and human errors for new workers and about customer service as well if you think that, until some years ago, the only thing you could get was help on the phone.

Instead, now things have changed, and it will be like any expert of any working field needed will be right next to your workforce thanks to wearable augmented reality tech such as the Kiber 3 helmet, and it will execute with them all the operations needed for a remote maintenance so that you will avoid issues before they appear and increase your overall fix rates.

That’s why a preventive maintenance empowered with augmented reality tech will be a money and time saviour.

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Augmented Reality Remote Maintenance And Its Equipment

To perform a safe, proper remote augmented reality remote maintenance we will have to be equipped with the right equipment.

Our latest Kiber 3 kit for examples, focused on a hands-free solution, giving access to our clients to a wearable AR tech solution, the Kiber 3 helmet, which will allow your workforce to perform any kind of maintenance without occupying their hands with instructions, manuals, other tech and so on.

To achieve that we have included multi-features in our kit such as:

  • Removable Binocular Visor: this visor is designed for low eyestrain, while supporting an high quality display resolution capable of transmitting any superimposed digital information by the remote user who’s assisting your on-field workforce
  • Fully Integrated Headset: this headset is able to support and perform and efficient communication in any environments, even the most noisy ones
  • 6-8 H Long Life Battery: this battery can reduce time pressure in solving emergency situations
  • 4GB Local Storage: the local storage gives direct access to a vast documentation anytime your workforce needs to go in stand-alone mode
  • Handycam:  this one is an handycam thought for the most advanced maintenance operation, and it’s used for close view on details and it includes a thermal imaging capacity

On top of that, we must also consider that this equipment and this new way of performing and thinking to augmented reality remote maintenance allows your workforce to operate alone, without outsider experts on the spot or gathering too many people in your workspace, which is a key feature in these times of social distancing.

The new Kiber 3

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