Why Kiber is the best remote support tool for the mechanical industry

1 Gennaio 2021

The key features that will make your company need our innovative device.

Augmented Reality (AR) is right now transforming the way industries are operating since it is considered to be crucial for the creation of the smart factories promised by Industry 4.0.

Recently, also the mechanical industry has radically changed, following the introduction of innovative technologies aimed at bringing the future everyday closer.

For those who are not aware, augmented reality takes the existing environment and adds digital information to it to create the augmented environment.

Normally it involves a device – it can be a headset, AR glasses but also just a tablet or a smartphone – that use a camera to record the surrounding environment and a software will generate digital content (images, texts, sounds) on it.

In this way, the user will see in its device an enriched version of the reality, full of possibilities. 

Our company has developed an incredible instrument composed of a set of hardware connected to a software, which allows a real-time remote communication that may assist the workforce in their daily operations.

It has been designed with the exact purpose of bringing great advantages in terms of efficiency and productivity. In particular, we considered the needs of specific industries and tried to offer a solution.

Let’s see in detail what makes our Kiber 3 the best AR device on the market for an application in the mechanical industry.

Kiber is the best remote tool for mechanical industry

Wearable hand-free tool

As we previously said, our device is composed by a set of hardware connected to a software. The hardware part consists of a safe helmet equipped with:

  • A binocular visor
  • An HD video camera,
  • A set of headphones/microphone,
  • A handcam for additional views with thermal imaging capacity
  • A 4GB local storage for use in stand-alone

All these professional useful tools are mounted on a helmet, allowing operators to wear it and use it while having their hands free in any situation.

Remote assistance

The main characteristic of our product is that it enables companies to provide to their on-site operators a constant connection with the remote assistance.

Experts may visually guide and collaborate with local technicians, sharing live annotations and making it possible for companies to have a triple positive effect:

  • Employees may count on the assistance of professional expertise and consequently they will gain confidence and boost the overall efficiency.
  • Companies are able to reduce human errors since the activities of on-site operators are double checked by the remote assistance.
  • Since working time and the related errors are drastically cut, also the costs involved will automatically decreased.

Long life battery

Our product has been designed to assist the workforce through all their daily activities. This is the reason why it is one of the first AR devices with a battery life up to 6-8 hours.

Even during critical situations, technicians will not feel the pressure of using a device that may suddenly turn off, resulting in a more efficient and productive workflow.

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Interacting App

Above all, Kiber 3, is supported by our App Kiber 3 Field, an integrated app available for all kind of smartphone.

In this way, our device become one of the most accessible in the market, allowing clients to use any of its features simply from a smartphone or tablet. 

It allows the user to access multi video conferences, to share a collaboration space and to share live annotations.

In conclusion

It is widely believed that augmented reality represents a technology able to improve significantly the businesses’ productivity and their ability to compete in the market.

It should not surprise, then, that companies are currently looking for AR solutions that may meet their needs. Our company and products were created exactly for this reason – contact us for more information.

The new Kiber 3

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