Why augmented reality for business can be the game changer in 2021

21 Ottobre 2020

AR applications are changing the global industrial scenario

Augmented reality is a technology that has deeply affected the way we approach to everyday life. Social media Apps and video games are just two of its many applications that have proved to be really successful.

This technology, in fact, make us experience reality in a different way, by overlaying digital content (such as pictures or texts) on the image of the environment around us recorded by a camera.

As we all know, this mechanism only requires a camera (that can also be on a smartphone or a tablet) and the software will generate the requested “augmented” content into the reality framework. 

Apart from the entertainment field, where augmented reality is already a great deal, the development of this technology has opened the path to a lot of business applications too.

Different industry sectors have already understood the huge potential of introducing AR devices into their business processes, especially when it is about increasing the efficiency while reducing the productive costs.

Why augmented reality for business can be the game changer in 2021

That is the reason why industries, including sales, manufacturing, and retail are expected to invest big parts of their capital into the development of tailor-made AR solutions by the year 2021. 


Shopping and retail are sectors characterized by a constant development and that always follow the technological innovation. For this reason, it is not surprising that retailers are now using AR technology to better involve their customers.

We can now find online solutions (via App or Websites) that allow users to experience new ways of buying through the application of AR technologies:

  • Try before you buy: customers can have an idea of how a certain product will fit on them without trying it on, but just using their phone camera.
  • Wide range of product customization: buyers are able to personalize their purchases in any possible way.

These are, in fact, the sales techniques on which brands are focusing right now to expand their market segment.

Industrial Application

Here is where augmented reality has definitely the widest potential scope. AR technology is, as a matter of fact, likely to transform the way jobs are executed in industries, whether it is manufacture, constructions, maintenance or any other possible industrial field.

This new kind of devices are now used by companies to improve their productivity, reduce human errors, cut unnecessary costs and improve employees’ safety.

AR wearable tools, like our Kiber 3, may be introduced to improve the processes of multiple scenarios, from building inspections, to quality checks and also on-site maintenance.

This adjustability makes augmented reality the technology that will change drastically each aspect of the industrial world.

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Tourism itself has developed augmented reality technologies that enrich tourists experience in their activities.

New kind of apps are now available to discover additional information about a city or a specific monument, when visiting new places.

Also, museum have started to develop AR based solutions that provide information about an artwork or its author.

This new approach, definitely more inclusive, is helping tourism to expand its market share, attracting more and more visitors every day.

In conclusion

Augmented reality has proved to be a game changer in all its applications. Hence, it will be certainly fascinating to watch AR grow over the next few years and see how businesses use AR technology to improve the efficiency of their processes.

Its extended functionality, the ease of operation and the enhanced experience will surely bring along countless benefits.

Undoubtedly, global economies will focus their attentions and assets on the advantages that these solutions can provide them, making 2021 the year in which AR technologies will take control of the global business scene.

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