What you can learn about augmented reality (AR) & employee training

11 Dicembre 2020

How this innovative technology is changing the global approach to corporate training

Augmented reality is now spreading to all kind of industrial applications, bringing huge benefits in terms of efficiency and productivity.

That’s why lately businesses started to invest part of their capitals in the development of customised AR solutions that might improve their productive processes. 

This innovative technology, in fact, has revolutionised the way we perceive the reality around us, with the super imposition of digital content (e.g. images, texts, sounds) on the environment recorder by a camera.

Its industrial applications offer a better way to create and distribute work instructions to the staff, ultimately making companies more competitive in the market. 

However, studies highlighted that the potentialities of augmented reality are really extraordinary and reach also those sectors not specifically involved in the industrial production.

For example, companies understood that AR technology can be a great tool to improve the boring and stiff procedures of employee training.

This is clearly a very important aspect of every company management, since the staff competences and abilities depend entirely on it.

For this reason, IT businesses have created AR devices that can improve the efficiency of such an important field.

Augmented reality technology

How AR technology is applied to staff training

As we previously said, AR devices proved to be a great asset to make staff training more appealing and functional. But how does it work exactly?

Normally, employees are provided with different modules of training (corresponding to the tasks required for each job position) that are usually carried out through in-presence classes – where a professional trainer is responsible for passing essential information to the classroom – or through pre-registered on line modules, that do not allow any interaction with the user.

These techniques resulted quite challenging for companies, both in terms of management of the costs involved and also regarding the staff engagement.

Augmented reality training adds interactive and digital elements to a live, real-world environment through a tablet, phone or a headset.

Employees, with the simple use of their device, can get to know in a totally different way the working environment around them, simply following the expression “learning by doing”.

In particular, AR can be used in corporate training in the following areas:

  • Acquisition of technical Skills
  • Process training
  • Onboarding for new members of the staff
  • Product knowledge training


Now that we saw what AR training is about, let’s see some of the benefits it brings along.

It creates a safe learning environment where employees can take risks without affecting customers or the business.

Managers may rest assured that their staff is learning any little detail about challenging and risky procedures in the safest way possible.

AR allows technicians to see and test every aspect of dangerous equipment, without actually being in danger. 

In addition, trainings have never been this interactive and engaging.

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Even when using e-learning methods, companies feel the need to offer their employees more creative and helpful modules that will assist them in retaining skills and knowledge.

AR, in fact, is new to most people and, if employees know that they will experience personally this technology, they will certainly be more excited about the training in general.

Another great thing about AR is that it provides workers with the opportunity to get real-time remote assistance from professional experts.

Even when a technician is widely trained and prepared, it can always occur a non-standard problem that would require specific expertise. When this happens, employees have the possibility to get immediate remote assistance to solve the situation and learn from it.

In conclusion

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