What Is Remote Maintenance And Why You Should Consider It For 2021

28 Settembre 2020

Maintenance has a key role in the industries. It influences performances, productivity and the quality of the product itself. That’s why this field has always been upgraded, constantly. Right now, the focus has shifted towards remote maintenance, and its new augmented reality features.

For those who don’t know what augmented reality is, we are speaking about a tech which enables the user to enhance the reality that circles him or her in that moment by superimposing digital information on it.

As we’ll see in the next paragraphs, this option will turn extremely helpful in many remote maintenance activities.

Remote maintenance: the “see-what-I-see” mode

Remote assistance and maintenance originally came from a feature included with some of the oldest Windows products that arrived on the market during the 90s.

Thanks to this feature, you’d be able to allow access to your PC to a remote user (usually an IT expert or another technician) through a LAN or an internet connection in order to detect and fix any software issue.

What Is Remote Maintenance And Why You Should Consider It For 2021

This option is still widely used in the IT sector.

Nevertheless, thanks to augmented reality we assist in the development of a new form of remote maintenance performed thanks to the so-called “see-what-I-see”.

To perform such operations, your local workforce need to be equipped with the proper equipment, such as the Kiber 3 kit, which includes every piece and component needed to this kind of operation

First of all, your designed technician will need AR goggles, such the binocular included in the aforementioned Kiber product, in order to carry out the maintenance while being guided by a remote user who will see what your dedicated worker he’s seeing at that moment in high quality.

This will result in a very fast diagnosis and the most suitable solution to solve the issue suggested by the remote expert.

Doing so, we’ll register a decrease in our repair downtime states, therefore our business will save time and money.

Notable Examples Of Augmented Reality Tech For Remote Maintenance

Originally, the term augmented reality was used for the first time in the industrial sector because in 1990 by a researcher named Tom Caudell.

He and a colleague, named David Mizzel, were asked by Boeing to find out an alternative to the expensive wiring scheme supported by enormous plywood boards utilized during that time.

That’s who they came up with this brilliant idea of using a very specific contained individually designed instructions which were attached to a head mounted device (HMD) able to show every scheme needed through its goggles.

As of today, Boeing is still one of the notable examples between all those manufacturing and advanced industrial companies which registered enormous benefits from using AR tech for its maintenance operations.

Thanks to AR tech, Boeing cut all of its wiring production time by 25% and it arrived to reduce its error rates to zero. 

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Why You Should Consider It 

To perform efficient maintenance on a specific piece of machinery, you’ll need experts that may not always be available between your workforce.

Moving skilled workers and technicians from one site to another, or even fly people from another part of the world to your factory, means big expenses. Those are being drastically reduced thanks to the use of AR tech. 

With this new technology and thanks to the power of internet, now those experts can virtually watch and guide your local technicians while seeing what we are seeing, in order for the remote user to diagnose the state of our precious machineries without the bother of being physically there to perform the maintenance. 

The new Kiber 3

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