What Is a Remote Assistant and How They Can be Better Using AR

5 Agosto 2020

There’s a new job title highly sought in the Industrial sector that you probably never heard of: the remote assistant with the support of augmented reality tech.

What is a remote assistant equipped with augmented reality technology? A remote assistant is a professional specialist who can do his work thanks to a concept called remote assistance.

Originally, remote assistance consisted of a concept in which a helper (the remote assistant) or a support team would use a remote connection to provide technical support to a remote user in need (the host).

Nowadays, thanks to our augmented reality technology companies like Kiber Tech, we are moving forward, aiming for a new concept of remote assistance thanks to the power of augmented reality technology.

power of augmented reality in energy industry

So, to proceed with our analysis we will start by defining what is AR.

Augmented Reality Tech and Its Evolution.

The Cambridge Dictionary definition of augmented reality is simple and straightforward:

“Images produced by a computer and used together with a view of the real world”

While the term was thought to be coined in the early nineties by a senior principal scientist of the Boeing computer services division, called Thomas Caudell, its first form was developed in the sixties by Ivan Sutherland.

Dr Sutherland created the first AR tech thanks to an actual head-mounted display (HMD) system. Its project was called: “The Sword of Damocles”.

Many things have changed since then but some stay the same. For example, in the Kiber 3 Kit, our newest product, we offer an advanced rugged head-mounted device with a unique binocular visor that might be considered a descendant of the aforementioned “primitive” HMD .

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Enhancing Remote Assistant Performances with AR Tech.

Remote Assistant Performances with augmented reality tech

But what is a remote assistant that has access to all these new exciting technologies such as AR tech? And what can he do to make the life of his/her customers easier?

Well, remote AR assistance can drastically improve the performance of this professional figure, thanks to new emerging technologies. Experts from all over the globe can guide and collaborate with a customer in need as if they were just right next to them.

But that’s not all: you do remember the definition of augmented reality, right?

Well, because we are speaking about an image of the real world that can be somehow enhanced by our computer technology, a remote assistant can enhance it with computer-generated images that can address the problem in the physical environment where the problem actually is for the user.

As a matter of fact, streaming a live video and seeing what the customer is seeing in that exact moment, not only on a computer (as in the case of a PC remote assistant) but in our actual world, it’s just more efficient.

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Augmented Reality Remote Assistance In The Industrial Sector.

Remote AR assistance can have a vast variety of applications and can be vital in technical support when we are speaking of the Industrial sector.

For example, in the Energy Industry, an AR device such as our Kimber 3 rugged HMD may allow a remote assistant to identify what is a problem in a machine so that they can help the user by providing a repairing live guide step-by-step.

This kind of tech can also allow experienced colleagues to help clients in need of remote on-site guidance, endowing them with what we could call “Instant Expertise“.

To sum it all up, it is not a question of whether the implementation of AR solutions for the energy industry has proven to have a very positive impact on employee safety. It most certainly has, and this is evident to anyone who has experienced AR assisted work.

The new Kiber 3

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