Upgrade to Kiber’s Augmented Reality Smart Helmet with Our Trade-In Campaign

17 Maggio 2023

Are you at the end of your device’s lifespan or are there barriers you cannot overcome with your current wearable solutions?
Do you use your device in extreme weather conditions, like sunlight or noisy places and the choice you made doesn’t fit your needs?

If you are not fully satisfied with your wearable headsets, join our campaign and enhance your fleet!
We value your choice trading in each wearable device you want to upgrade to the latest Kiber solutions.

With our Trade-In Campaign, you can now get great value for your current AR/VR/XR device and apply it toward the purchase of our state-of-the-art helmet. Our terms and conditions are easy to understand, and you can get up to €2.500 for each Kiber, Android, or Microsoft wearable headset you trade-in.

Simply ship your device to your nearest Kiber representative, and we’ll take care of the rest.

BrandSeriesRemarksAvailabilityResale HW Value
(Up To)
Kiber2.0discontinued500 €
2.0 Atexdiscontinued1.500 €
DaqriSmart Glasses 109discontinued500 €
GlassUpF4discontinued300 €
ODGRdiscontinued300 €
GoogleGlass Enterprisediscontinued300 €
E-comCube 800explosion proofdiscontinued800 €
MicrosoftHololensdiscontinued700 €
Hololens 21.500 €
RealwearHMT1discontinued500 €
Navigator900 €
HMT-1Z1explosion proof2.500 €
Magic Leap1discontinued500 €
21.500 €
VuzixM700 €
Blade300 €
Shield800 €
ThirdEyeX2800 €
Realmax100500 €
EpsonBT300 €
LenovoThinkReality800 €
IristickG500 €
H800 €
Visor-Exexplosion proof2.000 €
RokidAir, 2300 €
X-craftexplosion proof2.000 €
OtherTo be evaluated

It’s easy, fill out the form indicating the brand, model, and quantity of devices you want to upgrade: you will be recontacted by your nearest Kiber representative to take care of the process, including:

  1. Explain all the details of the campaign
  2. Provide precise evaluation of each headset you want to upgrade (may require additional information and/or pictures from your side)
  3. Provide a comprehensive quote for the new Kiber headsets
  4. Take care about shipping the goods back and forth

But why should you choose Kiber’s Augmented Reality Smart Helmet instead of the one you are using? Our helmet is designed to meet the unique needs of your industry, providing maximum visual comfort and exceptional performance even in complex outdoor environments. With features like a binocular high-resolution display, wide-angle camera, ergonomic design, and fully integrated PPE, our helmet is the perfect choice for those looking for reliability and sustainability, designed to withstand the toughest of conditions. The helmet is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, providing maximum protection in the harshest of environments.

In addition to these unique features, our helmet also includes a 6-8 hour long-life battery and 5G connectivity, enabling you to work more efficiently and effectively. With 12GB local storage and tethered mode, you can access documentation anytime, anywhere, and unlock additional features by mirroring your Android smartphone with the helmet.

Furthermore, for those working in potentially explosive environments, we also offer an ATEX-certified version of our helmet, ensuring the highest level of safety and compliance with industry standards. With Kiber, you can be sure that you’re getting a reliable and safe solution for your remote support and field workforce needs.

At Kiber, we are committed to the environment and want to encourage our customers to make more sustainable choices for a greener future. By choosing our Augmented Reality Smart Helmet and trading in your old devices, you’ll not only be benefiting from our state-of-the-art technology but also supporting our efforts to reduce waste and protect the environment.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to Kiber’s Augmented Reality Smart Helmet with our Trade-In Campaign today and experience the benefits of our innovative and sustainable technology.

With out-of-the-box support for MDM, easy management, monitoring, and security of all your devices used is guaranteed.

Choose Kiber for your device to empower your field workforce, taking this opportunity, contact us for more information.

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