The new Kiber K3S is here

23 Maggio 2022

Unlock the world of Android third-party applications through the Cross-Reality integration of the Kiber K3S

The aim of our Kiber AR/XR solutions, is, first of all, to help companies boost productivity, raise the quality of processes, and increase safety, by maximizing the use of new technologies in day-to-day activities.

As the industrial transformation evolves, we need to stay focused on the customers’ needs to support them in even more high use cases.

Based on what we learned from the field workforce around the world, we developed a breakthrough product that is the answer to support a new standard of modern and connected workers.

“We are thrilled to announce that Kiber K3S integrates all the Android ecosystem – said the CEO Federico Gulletta. – Kiber serves multiple demanding industries like oil&gas, energy, manufacturing, defense, maritime, etc. to perform increasingly complex jobs, and our new Kiber K3S thanks to the smartphones mirroring on the helmet display, will empower field force, even more, unlocking endless scenarios of advanced use”

Kiber K3S
The new Kiber K3S is the enterprise solution that integrates technical tools, cross and augmented reality, and Android apps.

Compared to our previous Kiber version, the K3S model, keeps the same superior ergonomic and visual experience, while improving CPU, memory, and streaming quality. Furthermore, thanks to the integration with Android smartphones, the tethered mode will improve user experience, putting the field operator in the center of the process.

Kiber K3S
Mirroring the Android system on the helmet display unlocks a new chapter in the evolution of possible interactions for workers across the globe.

From now on, technicians in the field will be able, not only to relate to remote experts through the Kiber app, but also to start meeting using MS Teams, access the organization’s tools, and load the app or the documents to obtain specific information and support during on-site operations.

The result will be an empowered and more efficient workforce, that, supported by pre-approved workflows, will improve productivity while reducing error rates.

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The new Kiber 3

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