The Kiber/VRMedia case at MIB Lens

19 Maggio 2020

MIB Lens is a web series by MIB Trieste School of Management, this week’s online workshop focuses on Kiber / VRMedia’s business case.

MIB Lens web workshops is proud to host the series “Deep Tech Stories”, that focuses on real business cases: companies founded on a scientific discovery or a disruptive technological innovation, aiming to achieve exponential results in new markets through the creative vision of their entrepreneurs.

The series “MIB Lens Deep Tech Stories” has been authored by Venture Factory, the number one deep-tech and technology transfer investor in Italy, and MIB partner on the EMBA IN program. The entrepreneurs will be interviewed by the Venture Factory investors, so the perspectives that will emerge form the meetings will be absolutely hands on and genuine.

MIB Lens offers the interesting opportunity to read VRMedia’s business case as an example of successfully translating innovation into the market.

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THURSDAY 21st MAY – h 18.00

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