New Kiber release 3.20: all the news

kiber release note

Empowering Your Workflow: Kiber Web SW Version 3.20 We are pleased to introduce the latest update to the Kiber Web SW, Version 3.20.0. In this release, we’ve incorporated significant enhancements that are set to enhance your experience and increase your productivity. Here, we’ll explore two major improvements – cloud integration and a redesigned Gallery GUI […]

New Kiber release 3.17: all the news

Kiber 3 Field app release – Kiber Tech

Unveiling the Power-Packed Victoria Release of Kiber 3/3S In the dynamic world of remote collaboration, staying at the forefront of innovation is essential. Kiber Technologies is thrilled to present the Victoria Release of our Kiber 3/3S solution, a significant leap forward in empowering seamless remote collaboration. This release is chock-full of exciting features and improvements […]

New Kiber release 3.13: all the news

Kiber 3 Field app release – Kiber Tech

Empowering Remote Collaboration: Introducing Advanced Features, Improved Performance, and Bug Fixes in the Kiber 3/3S Solution! At Kiber, we are committed to providing exceptional remote collaboration solutions that empower businesses to connect, collaborate, and achieve remarkable results. We are excited to announce the release of our latest Kiber 3/3S solution, designed to take your remote […]

Benefits of Collaborative Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) is an innovative technology that is being increasingly used in many industrial contexts. AR enables users to view virtual images on top of the physical world in real-time and interact with the digital elements in the physical context. AR systems have multiple applications and offer many advantages, including the ability to create […]

Wearable Devices: How to Choose Them for Your Team

headset kiber

How to choose a wearable AR device Technological evolution has made significant strides in recent years, completely transforming the way in which we interact between the real and virtual worlds. One of the most interesting innovations is wearable technology based on augmented reality, a trend that is becoming increasingly widespread among companies in all sectors. […]

Remote Training with AR: How to Go About It

Remote Training with Augmented Reality – Kiber Tech

During the pandemic, a lot of companies tried remote working, especially using solutions like videoconferencing to connect remote workers. However, these solutions are not very effective for training as it requires a deeper level of interaction. Whereas modern augmented reality technologies are optimal solutions for remote training. They offer companies significant advantages to facilitate and […]

Best remote assistance tools: 3 effective tools you probably need right now

Best remote assistance tools

Here are the most revolutionary tools for remote AR assistance. Augmented reality has changed the way we see and interact with the world around us. One of the main aspects AR has revolutionized is how companies can offer assistance to their customers, and that is why we are introducing the 3 best remote assistance tools […]

Best Remote Assistance for Business: 4 Reasons to Choose Kiber Tech!

Best Remote Assistance for Business with augmented reality

It is time to speak the truth about augmented reality and one of its best applications: remote assistance. Here’s 4 reasons why our latest product, Kiber 3, is the best choice for your business. Until a few years ago, remote assistance was something that mainly concerned the IT area and was totally unrelated to the […]

Why the Industrial sector must consider Remote AR Assistance in 2020

Remote AR Assistance in the Industrial sector

With all its pros and virtually no cons, here’s why the Industrial sector must consider remote AR assistance as a key feature for 2020. The implementation of remote AR assistance marked a major turning point in the history of both augmented reality tech and remote assistance. Year 2020 has been considered arguably one of the […]

The new Kiber 3

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