New Kiber Web release 3.22: all the news

Kiber Web Interface

Empowering Your Workflow: Kiber Web SW Version 3.22 Get ready for a whole new Kiber 3 Web experience, featuring a completely redesigned user interface (UI) for an enhanced user experience (UX), along with powerful new features that further elevate remote collaboration. Modern and Intuitive UI: Kiber 3 Web boasts a sleek and intuitive UI, streamlining […]

New Kiber release 3.20: all the news

kiber release note

Empowering Your Workflow: Kiber Web SW Version 3.20 We are pleased to introduce the latest update to the Kiber Web SW, Version 3.20.0. In this release, we’ve incorporated significant enhancements that are set to enhance your experience and increase your productivity. Here, we’ll explore two major improvements – cloud integration and a redesigned Gallery GUI […]

New Kiber release 3.17: all the news

Kiber 3 Field app release – Kiber Tech

Unveiling the Power-Packed Victoria Release of Kiber 3/3S In the dynamic world of remote collaboration, staying at the forefront of innovation is essential. Kiber Technologies is thrilled to present the Victoria Release of our Kiber 3/3S solution, a significant leap forward in empowering seamless remote collaboration. This release is chock-full of exciting features and improvements […]

New Kiber release 3.13: all the news

Kiber 3 Field app release – Kiber Tech

Empowering Remote Collaboration: Introducing Advanced Features, Improved Performance, and Bug Fixes in the Kiber 3/3S Solution! At Kiber, we are committed to providing exceptional remote collaboration solutions that empower businesses to connect, collaborate, and achieve remarkable results. We are excited to announce the release of our latest Kiber 3/3S solution, designed to take your remote […]

The new Kiber K3S is here

Kiber K3S

Unlock the world of Android third-party applications through the Cross-Reality integration of the Kiber K3S The aim of our Kiber AR/XR solutions, is, first of all, to help companies boost productivity, raise the quality of processes, and increase safety, by maximizing the use of new technologies in day-to-day activities. As the industrial transformation evolves, we […]

Kiber 3 – New 3.5 Release

kiber release 3.5

We are continuously improving Kiber’s Software and Firmware to help you and your company meet the business needs. With Kiber 3.5.0 release, we have enhanced video and network performances to provide a better user experience and improved audio, chat, recording, and security features to interact and collaborate more successfully. Starting from the next release, the […]

Kiber 3 – New 3.4 Release

Kiber 3 - New 3.4 Release

As part of our ongoing commitment in delivering our customers positive and improved experiences, Kiber’s latest 3.4 Release takes another step forward in delivering new features and functionalities to Kiber’s fully integrated AR remote communication wearable solution. With Kiber’s latest 3.3 Release we take another step in our continuous commitment in delivering Kiber customers positive […]

Kiber 3 – New 3.3 Release

Kiber K3S Kiber 3S New Release Augmented Reality Innovation Smart-Helmet Digital Transformation

We offer companies a flexible AR technology solution to empower workforce in daily industrial operations that require instant expertise and remote collaboration. Kiber 3 is a unique Hardware and Software fully integrated AR remote communication wearable solution allowing remote users to live the situation on-site as if they were present and on-site workers to receive […]

Kiber 3 Web 3.2 Release

Kiber 3 Web 3.2 Release

As part of our ongoing commitment in delivering our customers positive and improved experiences, Kiber 3 Web’s powerful platform for remote collaboration has been upgraded and now offers an enriched user experience in delivering support and remote collaboration to and with field technicians. With this latest release we have introduced a major OS and UX […]

The new Kiber 3

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