Kiber: Your AR Partner, From Assessment to Adoption

Kiber Vr media

As you know, Kiber has always been your AR solutions provider. But we’re thrilled to announce we’re taking things a step further by offering a comprehensive 360° consultancy service. Unleashing the Power of AR: A 360° Approach We understand that AR is a powerful tool, but it’s crucial to implement it strategically for maximum impact. […]

The Impact of Kiber AR/XR Solutions on Industrial Productivity and Safety

Industrial Augmented Reality

The integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and Extended Reality (XR)  in the processes is revolutionizing industrial operations by providing dynamic, interactive, and precise solutions across a spectrum of applications. From training simulations to maintenance, assembly, logistics, and remote collaboration, the benefits of leveraging AR/XR in the industrial sector are profound. Embracing these transformative technologies can […]

Highlights from Forum Ingegneria 4.0

forum ingegneria 4.0

The 3rd anniversary of the Forum Ingegneria 4.0 marked a significant milestone in its growth, culminating in a spectacular event held last month at the Auditorium della Tecnica in Rome, hosted by Confindustria. This year’s edition, centered around the hybridization of Industry 4.0 and the Construction sector, witnessed a strategic collaboration with the Istituto Italiano […]

Introducing Kiber Summarize: Simplifying Session Recordings

“Kiber Summarize,” is one of our latest features that promises to revolutionise your video session recording experience. This powerful addition will make it super easy to navigate, edit, and summarize video-recorded sessions. Kiber Summarize is a new feature for video management platforms that streamlines the process of finding, editing, and summarizing video recordings. It offers […]

Unlock Sustainability and Digital Excellence with the Kiber 3Evo – Limited Time Offer!!

We understand how vital sustainability is for businesses today. As the year draws to a close, businesses across the globe are focusing on budget optimization and making impactful decisions for the upcoming year. We’re excited to introduce a game-changing opportunity that blends sustainability and digital transformation seamlessly. Plus, we’ve got an exclusive year-end offer just […]

Augmented and Cross Reality Technologies: Driving Sustainability

kiber CO2 sustainability

Augmented reality (AR) and cross-reality (XR) are leading the way in a new era of technological innovation, where the physical and digital worlds seamlessly converge. These groundbreaking technologies offer immersive experiences and real-time information overlay, fundamentally transforming how we perceive and interact with our surroundings. Defining Augmented Reality (AR) and Cross Reality (XR) At the […]

Revolutionising Field Maintenance: The Role of AR

industry 4.0

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Augmented Reality (AR) is emerging as a revolutionary tool that is reshaping how various industries approach field maintenance. By blending the virtual and physical worlds, AR is paving the way for more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective maintenance processes across a spectrum of sectors. In this article, we delve into […]

How Can Augmented Reality Help Your Business

AR solutions for business – Kiber Tech

Augmented reality technologies are changing working methods across many industrial sectors. Modern AR solutions can be used in various industries, from manufacturing to the maritime industry, offering countless benefits and applications, from optimising field operations to making the management of remote assistance more effective. AR allows you to overlay digital content onto real objects and […]

The new Kiber 3

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