Benefits of Collaborative Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) is an innovative technology that is being increasingly used in many industrial contexts. AR enables users to view virtual images on top of the physical world in real-time and interact with the digital elements in the physical context. AR systems have multiple applications and offer many advantages, including the ability to create […]

How AR Can Help Working in Hazardous Environments

Prevention in Hazardous Work Environments – Kiber Tech

Modern augmented reality technologies, like AR/XR visors, can help to improve safety in hazardous work environments. There are several AR applications that make this possible, such as remote support and remote training. Working in hazardous environments can put the safety of maintenance and field operators at risk. Here’s how wearable AR devices can make these […]

Assisted Reality: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Assisted Reality: mistakes to avoid | Kiber Tech

5 Mistakes in Assisted Reality You Should Be Aware Of Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are technologies that are being increasingly used in the field of Industry 4.0. In addition to these X-Reality (XR) solutions, there is also assisted reality (aR), which unlike AR prioritises the physical world over the digital. Wearable technology […]

Remote Visual Inspection: How Effective Is It?

Remote Visual Inspection Effectiveness – Kiber Tech

The Effectiveness of RVI: Pros & Cons Remote visual inspection (RVI) solutions can improve the safety of inspections and reduce costs. Modern AR/XR technologies can optimise operators’ work in the field and capitalise on the advantages of augmented reality to make industrial inspections safer and more efficient. Inspections are a critical activity for companies and […]

Augmented reality in the Oil & Gas sector

AR in Oil & Gas Industry – Kiber Tech

Augmented reality in the Oil and Gas sector has huge potential, with countless applications and opportunities for AR technologies in this sector. There are new scenarios possible thanks to the integration of AR and IoT, with connected devices and sensors that help to capitalise on AR in the oil and gas sector. AR solutions allow […]

Remote Training with AR: How to Go About It

Remote Training with Augmented Reality – Kiber Tech

During the pandemic, a lot of companies tried remote working, especially using solutions like videoconferencing to connect remote workers. However, these solutions are not very effective for training as it requires a deeper level of interaction. Whereas modern augmented reality technologies are optimal solutions for remote training. They offer companies significant advantages to facilitate and […]

From the Italian Kiber, digital, AR, and XR solutions for the manufacturing industry

augmented reality

Translated from the Sole 24 Ore Newspaper – 21st July 2022 Creating new business models, especially in industries with an important historical background is never an easy task. However, Kiber’s success is pushing more and more companies to look with interest at the augmented reality solutions offered by VRMedia. Kiber K3S, the flagship of VRMedia, […]

Italian augmented reality lands in the USA

Kiber remote support

Pisa, 02 May 2022 An integrated wearable system for industrial use made in Pisa, which integrates technical tools, cross reality, and Android apps The debut of the new version in Houston, for the world forum of energy companies. The new Kiber K3S will debut in Houston, Texas, the remote and assisted collaboration tool that will […]

Kiber for MACCHI, Sofinter Spa.

Kiber for MACCHI

MACCHI, operational division of SOFINTER Spa, is a leading and highly experienced company active, on worldwide basis, in the supply of industrial boilers for oil & gas business and heat recovery steam generators for cogeneration plants (CHP). With over than 1,000 units in operation in 50 different Countries, MACCHI is focused in consolidating and strengthen […]

The new Kiber 3

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