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Kiber 3 is a fully integrated hardware and software wearable designed for a smarter collaboration between field worker and remote users. Kiber 3 is plug&play, switch it on and start collaborating remotely. Kiber 3 is hands free making remote collaboration easy, safe and efficient.

Field worker using Kiber 3 can connect with remote users via wi-fi, hotspot and satellite. Remote user can control bandwith consumption according to type of connection and streaming quality required for best remote support.

Kiber 3, in addition to the head mounted camera, is equipped with a handcam (for extra termal imaging) to access diffcult spots. A boroscope is also available as an optional accessory to reach the most demanding spots.

Kiber 3 also works in standalone mode, field workers can access documentation in 4GB local storage of Kiber 3

Kiber 3 Web is cyber safe and tested by big industrial key players. The use of a company and a session code guarantees maximum safety during data transmission

Using Kiber 3 Web you can connect a field worker with one to 11 remote users simultaneously

Remote users do not have to install any software, they can acces Kiber 3 Web through their web browser (Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended)

Yes, it is possible to use Kiber 3 Web on smart glasses. Please contact us for more information:

Kiber 3 Field App is designed for IoS and Android. For better performances we suggest to use Kiber 3 Field on Iphone 6+, Android 7 devices or higher. To download from Apple Store: httpss:// To download from Google Play store: httpss://

Field operator can share personal company and session codes through the “Share” button to connect with remote users.

Using Kiber 3 Field every field worker will be able to share a live view through his mobile device’s camera, take pictures and share them with remote users, communicate with remote users through multi video conferencing and view remote user’s screen.

Remote users will be able to see what field worker sees through his mobile device’s camera, communicate with field worker through multi video conferencing, take live annotations, share documents/videos by sharing his screen, take and save pictures on his computer and record the whole session.

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