Supporting renewable energy companies in complex operations around the world through innovative hardware and software solutions.


Supporting renewable energy companies in complex operations around the world through innovative hardware and software solutions.


The growing demand for clean energy, together with projects to completely decarbonise the economy, push the renewable energy industry towards strong growth requiring significant investments.

However, 2021 saw an increase in costs (the first in 7 years), linked to the shortage of supplies of components (modules, semiconductors …), raw materials (polysilicon, commodities …), labour, as well as the increase in costs of production, which forced ESCos to review their business plans, trying to identify new savings opportunities.

New sustainable business models must necessarily go through simplification and digitalisation of industrial processes to increase productivity and facilitate interventions where travel is not easy.

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Companies can test and maintain systems, sending only a part of the workforce to the field.

During the construction and start-up phases of plants, for the control and acceptance of the testing phases (FATs, SATs, SITs) and for monitoring and maintenance of critical components.

AR technology allows even those who are not physically present, to examine, inspect and manage complex activities even in the most challenging areas.

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DECREASE TRAINING TIME: manage training remotely and cut the time spent in shadowing new workers. They will be operative and effective in the field faster.

PRODUCTION CONTINUITY: avoid downtime to processes with immediate intervention.


Eliminate the need for costly international travels.

Save time to travel.

Low-Carbon technologies help reduce CO2 to target net-zero emission by 2050.


More efficient and faster troubleshooting empowering the workforce with all the information needed.

ACCESS ORGANIZATION TOOLS: workers can load the applications or documents needed to obtain specific information and support during on-site operations.


Improve health and safety standards: maintenance inspections, testings and intervention can be done remotely with fewer people involved in hazardous environments.

Out-of-the-box support for corporate MDMs.

Use Case: Macchi ABS

Kiber for MACCHI, Sofinter Spa.
kiber customer

Macchi improved business operations by performing challenging tasks in challenging conditions.


In FAT (functional acceptance test) , for some equipment, such as parts of a boiler, an inspection and testing by third party inspectors is requested, the presence of the inspectors is mandatory and cannot be waived. This operation is carried out at supplier’s equipment site and takes place before the components is shipped to the client’s industrial plant. The usual scenario for this operation involves the presence of both MACCHI’s and client’s technicians and that of an inspector.

Today, due to travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19 pandemic, this is no longer possible or very difficult to achieve.

To provide its customers with positive experiences, MACCHI has recognized in Kiber 3 a strong technological partner in providing its usual high quality performance and making remote these operations to avoid any delay in its business activities.

At the equipment supplier facility, Kiber 3 Kit can be worn by a MACCHI technician or directly by the supplier’s field operator while all the other people, involved in the FAT remote inspection, can be connected through the Kiber 3 Web platform. This allows clients to experience the operations as if they were present and validate the inspection in real-time.

Through the use of Kiber 3, client’s technicians, instead of travelling to MACCHI’s facility, were able to meet online on Kiber 3 Web platform and initiate a live audio-video streaming with on-site technician, present in the equipment supplier facility, who was wearing Kiber 3 Kit.

With Kiber solution, client’s technician are able to talk, share instructions and information with field operators, they are able to ask for and receive different views from the field: shifting rapidly from head mounted camera to hand camera and thermal camera for an extensive and in depth view on field site. With Kiber 3 Web application remote technicians are able to interact physically pointing out areas to be investigated, sharing documentation with the team and recording the entire inspection session for company’s archive.

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