3 remote visual inspection tools you are missing right now

31 Luglio 2020

Here are some augmented reality devices you should definitely consider integrating.

Do you know what augmented reality can do and how it can improve your business but do you really know remote visual inspection tools?

Well, augmented reality needs a few things to function:

  • Camera
  • Auditory sensors
  • Something to process the information and something to power it

Our Kiber 3 Kit comes complete with all the tools that you need to increase your on-site productivity, improve efficiency and reduce the likelihood of human error.

So let us look at the 3 main remote visual tools that our Kiber 3 Kit supplies.

1) Remote visual inspection tools: the Kiber 3 camera.

kiber 3 augmented reality tool

Obviously, being a visual inspection tool you need something to see with.

Our head-mounted device has a unique and removable binocular visor that has been carefully designed to help alleviate eye strain, a common problem where the user has to perform intricate, close-quarter tasks over a long period of time.

The high quality display resolution gives a superior picture quality allowing for a sharper and smoother image. Your users will benefit from equipment that provides them with images that look the best.

Our equipment also includes a wide angle camera giving a 150° field of clear and stable vision. Wide angled cameras provide and increase in the sense of depth and dimension within the confines of the frame.

Particularly useful when layers are being used. The equipment also comes supplied with an HD video camera and a hand-cam that allows for thermal imaging.

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2) Remote visual inspection tools: the Kiber 3 auditory sensors.

Verbal communication is what connects us to people and gives us a greater understanding of the world around us.

This also applies in business where lack of clarity can cause harm, create safety hazards or bring production to a halt. It is, therefore, of paramount importance that the user can hear and be heard in a clear and concise manner.

If the user is relaying information to a specialist or expert but is misunderstood or misunderstands instruction given returned, then the potential for error is greatly increased.

Our Kiber 3 kit head-mounted equipment is supplied with fully integrated headphones and a microphone, allowing for hands-free usage.

These are particularly useful when the working environment is noisy and could affect communication.

3) Remote visual inspection tools: the Kiber 3 Stand-alone mode.

augmented reality tool

Our Kiber 3 has a powerful web-based platform that allows for all the AR functions that you would expect from an augmented reality technology company.

However, one of the main uses for our Kiber 3 equipment is for remote inspection. There will be many instances where the user will need to access information in an off-line mode.

Our 4GB local storage tool allows for all this information be it handbook, operational process information, diagrams etc. to be accessible wherever they may be working.

This user-friendly mobile app is designed to be used in the stand-alone mode, however, it still has the capacity to store all the documentation the user needs.

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Final considerations on Kiber 3.

Modern world, modern problems, modern solutions. The Kiber 3 kit has been designed to be the future of business and industry.

From remote inspections and assistance to maintenance and video-conferencing, augmented reality is the way forward and our Kiber 3 kit is the all-in-one smart, easy and efficient solution.

For more information on Kiber 3 and augmented reality applications in industry, click here and enter our website now.

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