Why a remote visual inspection specialist must consider augmented reality in 2020

3 Agosto 2020

The Future has arrived and we must rethink our way of working. Here are a few reasons why AR technology and its ‘See-What-I -See’ system might completely change your way of working as a remote visual inspection specialist.

In the augmented reality industry, the increasing demand for remote visual inspections had a consequential increasing demand for remote visual inspection specialists, as might be expected. A remote visual inspection, also known as RVI, is a relatively new form of inspection which makes a large use of visual aids technology, especially video technology, to allow the visual inspection specialist to look at objects and materials from a distance.

This kind of inspection is usually made because the target objects are inaccessible or are situated in a dangerous environment. It is also considered as a branch of nondestructive testing (also known as NDT).

With those premises, and with all that is going on right now in 2020 with the Pandemic Covid-19 crisis, it is obvious that augmented reality tech is a must-have for a remote visual inspection specialist.

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Augmented Reality and Remote Visual Inspections

Augmented Reality and Remote Visual Inspections

While doing an inspection, sometimes a remote visual inspection specialist might have a problem himself, not knowing what exactly is not working for a specific problem or the specific procedure to fix an issue in the inspected object. In that case, the only thing this professional figure can do is basically one: ask for help; most likely in the form of remote assistance.

That is why augmented reality tech in the form of remote AR assistance may be the best option for the visual inspection specialist.

Augmented reality is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device, such as a camera. Augmented reality applications in industry are therefore endless and create creates no unthinkable potential up to some time.

In our case, we made it possible thanks to our “all-in-one” AR solution offered by our last product, Kiber 3, an unique Hardware and Software fully integrated with this tech and a completely wearable solution that allows experts to “see” through the eye of an on-site remote visual inspection specialist.

The remote user will guide the specialist and address the problem (and its solution) by adding in real-time information in the form of text. graphics, audio and other features that will enhance the “reality” saw through the unique Kiber 3 binocular.

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Why AR Tech Is Becoming Popular Among Remote Visual Inspection Specialists.

Remote Visual Inspection Specialists and augmented reality

Especially in our case with our AR tech product, being a wearable hands-free device Kiber 3 will empower the local remote visual inspection specialist giving him an extreme freedom of action while receiving live help from an expert remote user who might be even in another continent while watching through the Kiber 3 user “eyes”.

To receive such “vivid” help, before you should have your company (or even you) pay travel expenses to bring another expert on the spot, losing a lot of money and time.

And that it was before the 2020 Pandemic.

Now, all of a sudden, to travel and to work in other countries, or even other regions or cities of the same nation, may be a problem because of lockdowns and travel bans; so receiving aid from outsider expert on the field is just becoming more and more harder, if not impossible at all.

Another case would be if you just decide to make “a phone call” to receive the help of a “blind” expert while probably having your hands occupied to handle either the call or the connection.

But with our new AR tech linked with remote AR assistance, that is no longer the case. Now, a remote visual inspection specialist can perform its assisted RVIs without having to focus on anything else but its operation.

The new Kiber 3

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