Remote Visual Inspection Services: Here’s Why You Must Consider It In 2021

16 Settembre 2020

Material degradation, low-productivity, machinery issues, errors in the system and many other problems are what troubles the minds of plant managers, engineers and many other figures that have to deal with the everyday working life of the industrial sector. To avoid most of those troubles, we have today a weapon in remote visual inspection services.

Driven by the urge of joining the Fourth Industrial Revolution and upgrading every piece of material and tech used to remote visual inspection services, more and more factories and businesses are choosing to empower their inspectors with augmented reality tech such as the Kiber 3 kit hands-free solution. 

Let’s see straight away then how this development is developing worldwide and why you must consider it in 2021.

Remote Visual Inspection Services: Here's Why You Must Consider It In 2021

Remote Visual Inspection Services: Why You Must Use An Augmented Reality Tech To Perform It

Remote Visual Inspections are considered what is called technically an NDT: non-destructive testing.

These tests are performed in a way to not harm or damage the item, the material, machinery or whatever is being tested at that moment. 

Augmented reality, instead, is nothing more than an enhanced version of the reality viewed by the user in that moment through the use of superimposed digital information.

This gives infinite possibilities to tech related to AR and now its use in industrial applications is widely known.

In particular, in the case of remote visual inspection services performed by AR tech such as the Kiber 3 kit, this allows not only an easier, cheaper and practical remote visual inspections, but also a safer one which increases operating safety. 

That’s because the Kiber 3 kit is an all-in-one solution (it incorporates both hardware and software in one instrument) built with a carbon fibre reinforced composite polyamide to guarantee an absolute safety that made possible for the Kiber 3 kit to be Atex Zone 1 certified.

Possessing an Atex zone 1 certification means that you will have a kit able to connect and perform any visual remote inspections even in the most hard and hazardous environments while keeping your workforce safe.

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Remote Visual Inspection Services: Why You Must Consider It Right Now

Now, because a kit like Kiber 3 kit gives you an the possibility to connect your workforce with any expert needed as a remote user depending of what you need to inspect, it will gives you an extensive versatility that will allow to you, your enterprise and your workforce which will resolves in many advantages on the long term.

Imagine if an unique piece of machinery needs to be inspected as soon as possible for OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) reasons

You will have first to ask for an outside expert if you don’t have any to perform it to come to your facility, provide for any travel expenses, allocation costs and, of course, pay the inspector for the inspection.

With AR tech, that is no longer the case.

You will be able to connect your workforce with any expert around the world without the need to him or her to be there on the spot, giving instant expertise to your worker which will be guided by any expert needed in that right moment through the inspection.

The remote user (the inspector) will see through the eyes of the equipped worker, and will perform through the body of your workforce the operation, as if they were robots, “moving” their hands through the entire process while using the immense power of augmented reality and helping them with live on-screen drawing, instructions and many other interesting tools available only thanks this technology.

The new Kiber 3

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