Remote Microphone Hearing Assistance Technology VS Full AR: What You Have to Know About It

7 Agosto 2020

In the same way that the car has changed the way humans travel, so augmented reality technology will change the way we do anything remotely.

Have you ever heard of “remote microphone hearing assistance technology“? One of the ways augmented reality is changing things is in the field of remote AR assistance.

Whether it involves setting up a new WiFi router at home, or fixing a complex piece of machinery in a place of business, handling the problem with a technician that can collaborate with you using AR tech can make the process as complete and effective as if that technician was physically present beside you.

Remote Microphone Hearing Assistance and augmented reality

Consider what augmented reality applications in industry of communication could do compared to traditional voice-only interactions. When approaching remote troubleshooting problems, how many tools would we want at our disposal?

Could remote microphone hearing assistance be enough? How much information, and of what sort, could we wish we had in order to understand the problem, context, and environment of the client better?

Other than being physically present, using an AR headset that provides one with high-quality video, audio, is the most efficient and convenient approach to a variety of needs. Whether it involves technical support, diagnostics, or even a simple consultation, it doesn’t take much imagination to see how helpful, if not altogether critical, such a tool as AR would be.

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Remote Microphone Hearing Assistance Technology VS Full AR: When Two Worlds Collide

Anyone who has ever spent a minute on the phone with a customer service representative, while trying to figure out a problem with a product in their homes, could probably recall wishing to simply be able to do more in order to communicate the problem.

Seeing is better than hearing, showing can be faster than explaining, getting the full picture at-once is a different dimension altogether than simply using voice-communication and passing information back and forth one piece at a time.

Whilst even the simplest products can be difficult to discuss and troubleshoot over the phone or with other forms of remote microphone hearing assistance, it is next-to-impossible for more complex and delicate products.

Tools and machines in factories, workshops, labs etc, would require a personal visit from a technician, and more likely repeated visits.

With a full augmented reality tech for example, it would be easy for a remote assistant to observe the situation, assess it, guide the client to handle the product, or at the very least work with him to look further into the problem and diagnose other issues. Simple phone calls cannot do that.

remote ar assistance with microphone hearing

One cannot properly observe the problem, cannot orient themselves in the environment, cannot make proper decisions, and ultimately cannot act effectively.

In effect, the difference between using a full AR kit like our Kiber 3 kit, and using remote microphone hearing assistance, is that the former enables immediate solutions, immediate answers, and the latter only provides a cry for help. The former eliminates the need, time, and trouble of in-person assistance; the latter only delays it.

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Why Choose Kiber Tech.

Kiber Tech is a pioneer among augmented reality technology companies and provides solutions to the aforementioned problems. The Kiber 3 kit gives the user the ability to see, hear, and interact almost as if they are standing in the same shoes of the person wearing the Kiber 3 headset.

Not just a tool for a particular need, this is a platform that eliminates past demands such as on-site presence, and creates a new dimension for innovation and efficacy. Just like the phone changed how we talk, the smartphone how we do everything, the car how we travel, so will Kiber Tech change the way we receive help for a multitude of problems.

Much of the time, money, and stress involved in receiving and giving help will be dramatically reduced, while the opportunity and scope of help we will be able to get will grow exponentially.

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