Remote maintenance using augmented reality: 5 commons benefit for the industries

17 Agosto 2020

This is why remote maintenance augmented reality has proven to be the way towards the future in the last few years.

The advantages of augmented reality applications in industry are so important that we will probably see other applications in the future.

For this reason, remote maintenance using augmented reality is a very attractive concept for all those companies that need to optimise their operations team.

Industries are starting to take advantage of the new augmented reality remote maintenance tools because the benefits are overwhelming. We may go no further than Kiber 3, a wearable device that allows on-site workers to offer a vivid and realistic experience to others that may be far away.

augmented reality Remote maintenance with kiber 3

Kiber 3 projects images on the real world and makes the whole process of maintenance of complex machinery a much easier experience, no doubt more efficient.

How does remote maintenance work combined with augmented reality?

The way that remote maintenance augmented reality works is by combining head-mounted helmets adapted to the safety necessities of the field and using the latest AR technology.

This is how maintenance can be done remotely, in a faster and more efficient way.

Here are the 5 advantages of augmented reality for the industrial enterprise:

  1. Easier, faster, and more effective
  2. Reduction of travel times
  3. Reduce human error
  4. Increase productivity
  5. More fluid communication

Let’s go see them one by one.

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1) Easier, faster, and more effective.

Support and repair services have shown better results while using remote maintenance augmented reality. The first obvious benefit is that their customer service or machinery maintenance becomes faster and easier using these tools.

Companies that are teaming up with technology developers that offer these remote maintenance tools, can offer their services by using streaming video and working together with their customers on the screen and a whiteboard.

The result? Higher efficacy and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

2) Reduction of travel times.

Reduction of travel times with augmented reality applications in industry

For many years, companies have sent their technicians all around the world to solve their customer services, generating enormous traveling costs.

With remote AR maintenance tools, an expert can be sitting far away and offer the required advice to an on-site worker to resolve whatever problems they may be having.

An extra benefit of these tools is that they allow experts to deal with problems in completely different parts of the world without delay since they don’t need to travel from one place to another.

3) Reduce human error.

It’s usual that field workers may not be experts in what they are doing, since the ones with more experience and abilities may not be willing to travel or do the sacrifices required in the maintenance world.

With remote maintenance augmented reality, an expert may be sitting in his office in the company headquarters, and be able to offer the necessary advice and instruction to the on-site workers.

This, plus the fact that AR is great to do calculations and predict outcomes, reduces the human error in the process of maintenance.

4) Increase productivity.

It may come as no surprise, that one of the most important benefits of remote maintenance augmented reality tools for industries is the proven increase in productivity.

We have seen it with the companies that are already using Kiber 3, they are able to deal faster and more efficiently with problems, reducing travel costs, and wasted time.

As a consequence, industries are also experiencing an increase in their profits.

5) More fluid collaboration.

By combining the real world and the virtual one, the collaboration between different teams and parts of the company becomes more fluid and interactive.

This results in solutions being applied faster and in a more efficient manner.Read also:

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