Remote IT support: how augmented reality can help you in 2020

3 Luglio 2020

Science Fiction is now Science Fact: that’s what Remote IT support is.

With the rapid development of digital technology in recent years, we at Kiber dabble in augmented reality to create the “science fiction-science reality” binomial, as in the case of remote IT support.

Industries all over the globe have had to develop new ways of working to compete in today’s ever changing market and luckily for them technology can now offer them a variety of digital tools to make these changes.

Augmented Reality: the instant solution.

augmented reality in energy industry is the best solution

We believe that Augmented Reality or AR is an amazing tool that can provide companies with many benefits that are efficient and both cost and time effective. Imagine, if you will, one of your customers has a problem with one of your products.

What are their options? Send it back? Read their way through pages of technical details? Wait for a repair man? In today’s climate customers want instant solutions to their problems and AR is that solution.

Kiber 3: providing remote IT support.

Our developments in Kiber 3 allow us to offer our customers Augmented Reality remote IT support enabling them to provide fast and effective remote assistance to their customers.

Our fully integrated system allows the technician to ‘live’ the problem thereby allowing them to see in ‘reality’ the issues involved. This, in turn, enables the technician to demonstrate, visually, the necessary actions in a step-by-step and comprehensive manner to the customer.

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Is augmented reality useful across the spectrum of Industry?

augmented reality applications in industry

AR tools and systems have a huge potential across the many complex processes of the global industrial world of today. From construction to maintenance, training and managerial functions AR is the go-to system for the modern smart factory or construction site.

Here are the 3 main advantages of using the augmented reality in energy industry :

  1. The construction industry have found that AR technology has improved their ability to ameliorate any nasty or irritating surprises during the construction process. Because of the more accurate, 3D view of the structure which can be complex and multi-layered, on-site personnel are given a more reality view of the structure that normal design drawings lack. They are also able to provide design information, complex and intricate measurements as well as any health and safety issues or foreseeable complications.
  2. The maintenance sector covers a wide spectrum of industries from the humble domestic appliance to the largest container ship. The benefits of an AR system enhances the capabilities of your technicians and engineers. Either on-site or back in the office, AR allows the team to visualise the problems or issues and provide ‘hands-on’ experience and solutions. No more sending out a team of specialists halfway across the country, or even the world. The digitalisation of commerce and industry allows for instant solutions.
  3. All industries throughout the world have managerial and training processes and this is where our AR Kiber 3 system can provide great help. Remote working in many industries today can cause processes to be dissimilar and a lack of fluidity. AR can provide clear and precise structures that will train both managers and the workforce allowing for the same services to be provided from Shanghai to Sheffield.

So what is it that you provide?

Our Kiber 3 is a user-friendly, wearable, all-in-one system. It allows your on-site worker to be able to connect with up to 3 off-site users, for example a project manager and designer, to provide support and solutions.

With wide-angled camera, hand cam and thermal imaging your worker can provide in-depth visual information whilst receiving similar in return. Complete with long-life battery this is the ideal system for 21st century industry.

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The new Kiber 3

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