Remote Guidance Device and Augmented Reality: state of art in 2020

10 Luglio 2020

Here’s everything there is to know about the remote guidance device.

With the technological advancements of digitalisation, remote guidance device and augmented reality (AR) are the state of the art and revolutionary devices of 2020.

We have come much further in technological innovations than those ever predicted by H.G Wells, Edward Mitchell or E.M Forster.

Even they never imagined a future where you could access expert help instantly and in-situ, regardless of where you are in the world.

What is the remote guidance device?

augmented reality applications in industry of guidance

Remote guidance device and augmented reality are providing solutions to companies and industries throughout the world in all aspects of their business.

From the office to the shop floor or the workshop to the field, the workforce is being empowered in their daily operations with the provision of remote support, instant access to expert advice and ‘hands-on’ problem solving and solutions.

Gone are the days of waiting for a mechanic or expert to arrive. Goodbye to the hours of working through pages of tedious user manuals or technical drawings.

With the use of AR hardware and software and fully integrated remote communication equipment the user instantly has all the expertise, quite literally, in their hands.

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What are the advantages of using the remote guidance device

In today’s world of commerce anything that helps to reduce costs yet still helps to increase efficiency and productivity is to be embraced.

At Kiber we offer our clients a fully flexible technological solution that achieves just that. In providing your workforce, be they either remote workers or a team working on a construction site, augmented reality and remote guidance advice provides them with support and expertise guidance in an instant.

Remaining on-site allows them to remain focused and maintain their concentration whilst receiving instant and specific guidance and supervision.

This can be of particular importance if the challenge is complex, dangerous or in a difficult location.

As more and more companies take advantage of the technology we will see and increase in use in a small companies where there is a need to consult with outside experts, technicians or consultants.

All manner of trouble-shooting problems can be provided with almost instant solutions by technically experienced people remotely.

Something as simple as in-house repairs to the water-cooler or liaising with consultants on a change to a process can all benefit from AR and remote guidance advice.

How does the remote guidance device save you money?

augmented reality save you money

Cost-efficiency in any company has got to be a major factor in deciding on any future investment in digitalisation. Augmented reality technology puts the tick in all the right boxes.

AR reduces or may even eliminate the need for expensive journey and travel expenses.

From sending your machine technician on a long drive across country to repair a piece of machinery to transporting your technical engineer out to an oil rig, and all that involves, can be a thing of the past by using AR and remote guidance.

Thus, with no delay in providing solutions and repairs there is also the factor of less down-time in productivity and profits, especially if that equipment provides a vital process in your industry.

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Final considerations on remote guidance devices and augmented reality technologies.

In these days of maintaining a health work life balance as well as the issue of climate change, augmented reality and remote guidance provides a significant aid to these areas.

Those peripatetic workers who have to be ready to travel in their day-today work-life can now remain in one location, yet are still able to provide the necessary guidance and expertise wherever it is required.

At the same time, those challenges faced by all businesses regarding the issue of the lowering of carbon emissions.

The fact that the use of AR reduces the need for travel means that immediately you are lowering your carbon footprint.

Given the globalisation of many businesses who may have experts on the other side of the world, this can have a significant impact.

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