The real advantages of augmented reality

9 Dicembre 2020

AR features that make it the perfect technological investment for your business

Augmented reality is a billion-dollar technology that has revolutionised how people interact between themselves and with the external world.

AR is based on the superimposition of digital content (images, texts or sounds) on a user’s view of the real world, providing a composite experience – part real and part digital.

It differs from virtual reality (VR), where the user is 100% immersed in a computer-generated environment via a headset.

AR technology, instead, uses the existing environment as the framework where the virtual information is added.

In this way, users may experience a new and improved world, enriched by digital materials that will be useful for users’ activities, work related or not.

These are, for example, some of the incredible advantages that augmented reality brings along:

Showing the real advantages of augmented reality

The virtual and real world are blended

Augmented reality really does blur the line between the virtual and the real world.

The user may take advantage of the enriched perceptions provide by AR in any of its many applications, with the result of always increasing its efficiency and effectiveness.

As a matter of fact, AR can provide very useful and engaging information (inserted live into the actual-world scenario) that people may use to improve their ability and functionality in their workplace but also in their personal life. 

This certainly brings great benefits in terms of efficiency and productivity, which makes AR technology especially valuable for business purposes.

Technology based on interaction

The nature of augmented reality is highly interactive, which means that AR technology is based on the communication between:

  • User and objects in the real world
  • User and the remote assistance

In the first case, we are talking about the extreme scope of action that AR make it possible for its users. 

People, in fact, may interact with the objects in front of them through the virtual information that AR is displaying, creating a new kind of experience.

In the second case, instead, we are referring to the specific aspect of AR devices in industrial application.

Usually, this kind of tools have a functionality that allows on-site workers to be in constant connection with a remote assistance.

By doing so, operators may count on experts that will follow each step of their activities and will promptly intervene in case of need.

Companies understood that remote connection is the key element through which they can improve efficiency and productivity, and augmented reality may provide it.

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Wide range of applications

The best aspect of augmented reality is that its technology has a wide potential scope, and it can be applied to all sort of work fields.

For example, the retail sector is currently using AR technology to increase sales via specific Apps or online solutions that create a new kind of customer experience.

However, the most successful sector where augmented reality finds an application is the industrial one. New devices are developed every day to create customized solutions to improve the processes of different industries.

Our product, Kiber 3, is the perfect example of how AR tools can empower the workforce in daily industrial operations.

In addition, apart from these more traditional applications, augmented reality is making the difference in other fields, such as:

  • Health Care: AR is being used to increase the accuracy of diagnosis for diseases or during surgeons’ training sessions.
  • Military: the army is using AR to simulate a battlefield before putting lives at risk in the real world.
  • Education: AR increases students’ interaction and engagement in their studies, representing an innovative way of learning.

In conclusion

It is clear how augmented reality applications are transforming data transmission across industries.  So, in case you are willing to know if AR might be the correct solution also for your business, contact us for more information.

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