Powerful use cases combining Kiber and TotalYmage’s solutions

22 Aprile 2024

In the dynamic landscape of industrial operations, the collaboration between Kiber and TotalYmage marks a significant leap forward. This strategic alliance brings together Kiber’s innovative AR remote communication wearable solution and TotalYmage’s cutting-edge video twin technology assisted by AI, creating a comprehensive hardware and software packaged solution for any industry.

Understanding TotalYmage: Pioneers in Visual Intelligence

TotalYmage is at the forefront of visual intelligence software solutions, specializing in the use of videos and photos to enhance operational efficiency between the field and the office. Their flagship product, the TotalYmage Video Twin SaaS and On-Premises Platform, integrates seamlessly with the client’s IT infrastructure, offering a suite of features that revolutionize the way industrial facility operators handle inspections, audits, regulatory compliance, and the preparation, coordination and reporting of complex maintenance and control projects.

The platform includes web and Windows interfaces for creating, enriching, and collaborating in interactive video twins, workflows for uploading and geo-positioning field data in their visual context, thanks to its embedded 360° video 3D edition technology. Moreover, TotalYmage’s image recognition algorithms detect and spatialize differences, non-conformities and equipment, providing updated insights from regular mobile video captures in complex industrial sites such as those in Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Chemical, and Mining.

Unlocking New Horizons: Kiber’s AR Remote Communication Wearable Solution

Kiber, on the other hand, introduces a unique AR remote communication wearable solution. This hands-free technology empowers remote users to experience on-site situations in real-time, fostering instant expertise and collaboration. The solution addresses safety concerns by providing workers with crucial information and instructions for handling hazardous materials, identifying safety hazards, and improving overall productivity with minimal downtime.

A Synergistic Partnership: Leveraging Strengths for Maximum Impact

The collaboration between Kiber and TotalYmage is not just a convergence of technologies; it’s a strategic alignment of shared goals. Together, they expand the use case of live remote expert assistance, leveraging live image capture to create video twins for various remote scenarios. The cloud-based software facilitates information sharing during audits and serves as a collaboration platform to follow-up on remediation tasks and regulatory submissions directly in the captured videos.

The benefits therefore extend beyond real-time assistance to allow users to store inspection images and data, gain insights through automatic recognition, and share assessments with clients. This new reporting approach provides clients with a real-time basis for judgment, fostering efficiency and transparency in decision-making in the facilities’ visual context.

Driving Efficiency Across Industries: TotalYmage and Kiber’s Unified Vision

TotalYmage and Kiber are not just providers of products and services; they are enablers of digital transformation in sectors ranging from energy and manufacturing to construction and mobility. TotalYmage’s expertise in image analysis seamlessly integrates with Kiber’s AR/XR technology, creating a holistic solution that enhances safety, productivity, and sustainability.

The Use Cases Using Kiber and TotalYmage

  1. Immersive Video Conferencing:
    • In a Kiber video conference, remote experts can share their screen to the on-site operator, providing him with an immediate view of the TotalYmage 360° video twin of the facility and its geo-localized documentation and data
    • Video footage captured by the on-site operator is streamed live to all video conference participants, or is recorded and shared afterwards when there is no on-site connectivity
  2. Immersive Remote Collaboration:
    • Any live or recorded video footage, as well as any Kiber Summarize video, can be used to create a collaborative environment, making it easy for stakeholders to manually enrich it with additional documents and media for an immediate comprehensive follow-up
    • Recorded videos and snapshots are analyzed to detect and localize equipment, differences, and non-conformities automatically. Results are displayed in the TotalYmage application as an interactive visual inspection report.
    • Manual/automated content additions to a video twin can be organized as a slides presentation in the TotalYmage application to run efficient follow-up meetings ; specific reports can be generated as new summarize videos or in PDF format

In essence, the Kiber-TotalYmage partnership doesn’t just offer solutions; it introduces a transformative approach to industrial operations, where real-time and remote collaboration, immersive insights, and augmented reality converge to redefine the future of work.

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