How To Perform Safe Remote Building Inspections With Augmented Reality Tech

9 Settembre 2020

A key part of acting in the interest of your workforce’s safety and keeping pace with modern times safety standards is to adapt your business to contemporary tech. To do so, learning how to perform safe remote building inspections with augmented reality tech such as Kiber 3 should be one of your top priorities. 

Today, our society stands on the safety of our workers. In Italy, where Kiber comes from, worker’s integrity and safety is one of the absolute and most important civil rights written in our constitution.

After decades, our technology may help us very much in maintaining that right. 

That is the case of augmented reality (AR) technology, which has been developed in the last decades enormously, and thanks to the power of the internet and all the devices connected to it we have reached new levels of interaction between this tech and  the reality enhanced by it.

Thanks to this tech, performing safe remote building inspections and many other remote inspection services is not only possible, but highly suggested.

Let’s see how this tech works and how to perform safe remote building inspections with it.

How To Perform Safe Remote Building Inspections With Augmented Reality Tech

Augmented Reality And Its Applications

Augmented reality is a tech widely known nowadays, mostly because of its development on mobile app platforms, they just don’t know that it is AR what he or she is dealing with at that moment.

Everybody remembers for example the boom regarding Pokémon Go! of a few years ago, which used an AR tech linked to our smartphone’s camera.

But augmented reality is not a game. It can be, but it’s not only that.

Augment reality is a relatively new technology invented during the ’60s of the last century which was developed tremendously in the last decade.

AR is nothing more than a tech able to enhance our reality with computer-generated images superimposed on the user’s view.

This opens up a world of opportunities in many fields, and one of these is the occupational safety and health (OSH) field, as we will see in the next paragraph dedicated to remote building inspections.

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How To Perform Safe Remote Building Inspections

First of all, you will have to satisfy all technical requirements needed for optimal safe remote building inspections using AR tech.

That means you will have to assure to your staff and working environment:

  • minimum 4G connectivity on your inspection location
  • wi-fi stable connection
  • a full-integrated AR remote communication wearable such as the one given by Kiber 3 kit

Once you are assured to be in possession of all the technologies needed to perform the inspection, you can schedule it with a remote inspector. So:

  • Schedule the remote building inspection with a remote inspector or professionals. 
  • Be sure the workforce on the field to have all of their tools appropriately charged and in function
  • Turn off or pause any other electronic device not needed for the inspection
  • Pause any other construction activity which may put in danger your equipped workforce
  • Be sure to provide to your workforce a Atex Zone 1 certified tech such as the Kiber 3 kit in hazardous areas

Once the inspection starts, your worker/s will be guided step by step by the remote inspector, who will see through the worker’s “electronic” eyes provided by its wearable camera so that he or she will make appear any information, video or note needed on the worker’s view thanks to the AR tech.

Besides that, you should also consider that restrictions on public gathering are still active in many countries because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and those restrictions are applied also in workspaces.

So, being able to perform a remote building inspection without gathering too many people is an addiction to nowadays OSH.

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