New Kiber Web release 3.22: all the news

7 Marzo 2024

Empowering Your Workflow: Kiber Web SW Version 3.22

Get ready for a whole new Kiber 3 Web experience, featuring a completely redesigned user interface (UI) for an enhanced user experience (UX), along with powerful new features that further elevate remote collaboration.

Modern and Intuitive UI:

Kiber 3 Web boasts a sleek and intuitive UI, streamlining workflows and simplifying remote support for field operators. Navigate with ease and provide assistance quickly and effectively.

Enhanced User Experience:

Beyond the visual update, Kiber 3 Web offers a multitude of UX improvements, making collaboration smoother and more enjoyable.

New Features: 

      • Speech-to-Text & Translation*: Experience real-time transcriptions and potential translations for remote collaborators and field worker, fostering seamless communication across diverse language barriers.

      • Undo Annotations Step-by-Step: Fine-tune your annotations with granular control, allowing for step-by-step undo functionality.

      • Canvas Switcher: Each expert can switch the position of the main area and live view area for a more personalized workspace.

      • Mic/Webcam Selector: Start a session with microphone and webcam on or off according to your preferences, increasing user privacy.

      • Magnify Glass: Focus on live details using a magnify glass that enlarges the video streaming for improved clarity during remote assistance.

      • Video Player: Share a video file with the remote user during a session, allowing for annotated screenshots to enhance collaboration.

      • Enhanced Fullscreen Experience: Access device buttons even in full screen mode for a more seamless user experience.

    Experience the Future of Remote Collaboration:

    We encourage you to explore the new Kiber 3 Web and discover the enhanced UI, improved UX, and groundbreaking new features that empower efficient and effective remote collaboration.

    If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We’re here to help you make the most of Kiber Web Version 3.22!

    Click here to download the Quick Guide Web or Contact Us for more information.

    *This feature might not be available for your current subscription plan.
    If you’re interested in upgrading, our sales team is happy to help! Just contact your sales account representative and they’ll be glad to discuss the options available.

    The new Kiber 3

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