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30 Ottobre 2023

Empowering Your Workflow: Kiber Web SW Version 3.20

We are pleased to introduce the latest update to the Kiber Web SW, Version 3.20.0. In this release, we’ve incorporated significant enhancements that are set to enhance your experience and increase your productivity. Here, we’ll explore two major improvements – cloud integration and a redesigned Gallery GUI – and how they will revolutionize your interactions with Kiber.

New Feature Highlights:

1. Gallery GUI Improvements

Our redesigned Gallery GUI is here to offer you a better user experience and to accommodate the new cloud access feature seamlessly. Whether you are browsing your gallery or actively managing your files, this improvement promises to make your interactions smoother and more intuitive. The key benefits include:

Better User Experience: Enjoy a revamped gallery interface that’s more intuitive and user-friendly, enhancing your productivity.

1. Cloud Integration (Upon Request)

In the quest to make your Kiber experience more dynamic and collaborative, we’ve integrated cloud services from major providers like Azure, AWS, Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, and One Drive. This means you can seamlessly access your cloud storage spaces directly from within your Kiber sessions. But it doesn’t stop there; these cloud resources can also be made readily available to remote users and Kiber Helmets. The key benefits of this feature include:

Improved Flexibility: Access and utilize cloud resources on the fly, enhancing your adaptability to different work scenarios.

Enhanced Collaboration: Share and collaborate with your team more effectively with cloud resources at your fingertips.

Improved Integration with Company Knowledge Base: Seamlessly access and integrate important company data and resources stored in the cloud.

We’re committed to supporting your journey with Kiber and ensuring you have access to the latest and greatest features.

Within the Kiber Cloud Integration project, our team has achieved significant milestones. We’ve successfully integrated cloud services, allowing users to access major storage services. Users can open and upload images from/to the cloud in both the gallery and live sessions, simplifying access to multimedia elements. Additionally, users can transfer files from cloud services to the Kiber Helmet, enhancing the versatility of your device.

Whether it’s your first time accessing cloud storage components or you’re an expert user, we’ve got you covered. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, AWS S3, Microsoft SharePoint, and Azure Blob are all seamlessly integrated into the Kiber Web SW.

This release marks a significant step forward in Kiber’s evolution, and we’re excited to see how these improvements empower your workflow. Stay tuned for our December release, as we continue to innovate and enhance your Kiber experience.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We’re here to help you make the most of Kiber Web SW Version 3.20.0!

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