Meet Kiber 3 Web new User Interface

29 Ottobre 2020

The new user interface of Kiber 3 Web has been accurately designed to make interaction between remote users and field operators more intuitive and easy-to-use in getting the job done. With the new Kiber 3 Web we offer an improved user experience enhancing performance in remote collaboration sessions to empower field workforce with: elements are easy to access, understand, and use in interaction.

Jointly with a restyled user interface, we introduced new features to bring instant expertise everywhere in a smarter way. Additional features now deliver a higher performance to our customers:

· ENLARGED REMOTE TEAM | Get 11 people from your team online: 3 main remote users and 11 remote viewers.
· FULL SCREEN VIEW | Enjoy now a full screen view of video stream from field location.
· AUDIO CONTROL | Primary expert controls audio for a better management of team collaboration in working session.
· EXTENDED GALLERY | Improved management of screenshots and images for upload and download in a dedicated gallery space.

Bringing your experienced team members on field through a click has never been so easy: connect them through Kiber 3 Web platform with real-time audio & video communication combined with AR collaboration tools. Kiber 3 Web is a web-based solution allowing timely access from anywhere through a secure connection protocol with the best tested cryptography. Kiber is firewall friendly and requires no software installation.

Remote users see what field operators see, we offer access to a full range of devices for a clear view on the operating environment: Head mounted Camera, Hand camera with thermal view, mobile phone and boroscope.

Kiber 3 Web, reaches the best quality and safety performances with a shared collaboration space designed to accomplish challenging operations in a smart way.

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