Revolutionise the manufacturing industry by improving efficiency, worker training, and supply chain management.


Revolutionise the manufacturing industry by improving efficiency, worker training, and supply chain management.


The manufacturing industry is facing a number of challenges, including increased competition, the need for efficiency, skill shortages, and the need for workers training, and complex supply chains and logistics.

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Augmented/Cross Reality (AR/XR) wearables can offer solutions to these challenges by providing interactive and visual training tools for workers, streamlining production processes, and improving supply chain management.

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AR devices can be used to provide workers with real-time visual instructions and guidance for tasks, which can improve the speed and quality of training.


AR devices can be used to overlay information and instructions onto the real-world, which can help workers quickly access and understand the information they need to complete tasks more efficiently.


By providing workers with real-time information and guidance, AR can help reduce the likelihood of errors and mistakes.


AR devices can be used to enable remote collaboration and communication among workers, which can help improve teamwork and coordination.


AR devices can be used to provide workers with real-time safety information and alerts, which can help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on the job.


AR devices can also be used to collect and transmit data on manufacturing processes which can be used for performance analysis and improvement.


With the help of AR, maintenance work can be done more efficiently and accurately, reducing downtime and costs.


AR devices can be used to overlay real-time quality control information, which can help reduce the likelihood of defective products.

Scenario: Tecnimont

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Our customer Tecnimont experienced the true efficiency of our Kiber 3 solution in these hard times by adopting our all-in-one AR solution for a new way of working and one goal: achieve outstanding results in extraordinary conditions.

Tecnimont team at the LIWA plastic EPC 2 project in Oman was able to carry out remote inspections of the plant respecting all set regulations using Kiber 3. Serena Rondella, Design HSE Engineer, carried out a remote inspection of the plant through Kiber technology which successfully led to the startup of the Process Unit.

Voice of our Customers

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Use Case: Fosber


How do you transfer critical knowledge from highly-skilled workers on the other side of the world, to lower skilled workers from another team? For one global leader in the machinery of the Paper Industry, the answer was to make its know-how available using Kiber’s smart helmet running Kiber’s platform.

Fosber is a leading global supplier for the design, construction and installation of complete lines as well as individual machine units for the production of corrugated board packaging.

One of its customers in South Africa, Everest Packaging Group, was entering the final weeks of installation of Fosber’s new 2.5m C/Line corrugator at its new sheet feeder site, Everest Corrugated:

95% of the mechanical works had been completed, but only about 80% of the electrics.

Having to recall in Italy its entire engineering team due to the COVID-19 lock-down, Fosber needed to finish the installation and ultimately run a training of local workforce to get operating as quickly as possible.

Fosber turned to Kiber’s fully integrated system and provided Everest Corrugated with a Kiber 2.0 smart helmet for local workforce and access to Kiber’s web-based portal for remote users. Everest team members were able to collaborate remotely through audio/video live communication with Fosber engineers to complete their work, sharing a virtual collaboration space where remote engineers were able to assist on-site workers and guide them.

Plant workforce and tehnicians using Kiber’s solution was able to receive a tight training from Fosber’s skilled engineers and record the training sessions for maintenance and repair operations, adding them to the company’s central training knowledge base. Technicians in future training can use these “veteran videos” for immediate help on the job by reviewing them.

For this company, Fosber was able to successfully achieve start-up of the line despite travel restrictions and lockdown providing remote support and on-the-job assistance through Kiber System. Kiber is helping them:

• Make knowledge available to everyone through video recordings of previous training sessions

• By improving the quality output of the workforce in maintenance and repair operations, the cost of quality can be significantly reduced

• Increase plant availability cutting maintenance time during costly plant shutdowns and other emergency situations

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