The main advantages of remote visual inspection enhanced by AR

7 Dicembre 2020

The chance to improve inspection processes lays with augmented reality

Remote visual inspection is a testing technique used to examine components – such as the piping system, steam and gas turbines, generators etc. – in order to prevent equipment damages.

It has a key role in the problem spotting, which makes sure that each company performs sessions of remote visual inspection very frequently, especially for preventive purposes.

Businesses, in fact, have always been trying to avoid the production stops that system failures may bring along.

In this scenario, the innovative technology of augmented reality represents the number one solution to improve remote visual inspection processes.

AR is a recently developed technology that blurs the difference line between the virtual and the real world, by overlaying in real-time digital content on the environment recorded by a camera.

This simple principle has been applied also to the industrial world very successfully.

remote visual inspection by AR

More and more AR devices are currently developed every day for industrial purposes.

Our product, for example, is an all-in-one solution equipped with a set of hardware (a head camera, a set of headphones/microphone, a handcam with termal imaging capacity and a binocular visor) put on a safety helmet that let the user’s hands free.

This equipment is connected to a software installed in the computer network of your company to have a remote connection with the on-site operator.

This kind of devices are currently used to carry out remote visual inspections, bringing remarkable benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity and safety. This is exactly what we are going to examine in the next few paragraphs.

Real-time communication between on-site workers and the remote assistance

Augmented reality allows companies to establish a constant connection between on-site inspectors and a remote expert.

In this way, the quality and safety of the inspection are actually managed through a digital interface and a dedicated server, that guarantees the complete reliability of data transmissions.

Via AR device, technicians may see on their computers what on-site operators are doing and guide them in the job steps, always ready to intervene in case of need.

Augmented reality makes it possible for companies to establish a on-going communication during inspections and consequently, increasing their efficiency and quality. 

Possibility of making and sharing videos or photos during the inspection

Another great advantage of AR application on inspection processes is the possibility for businesses to get real-time photos or videos of some specific parts of the inspection, while it is still carried out.

In this way, data and evidence will be immediately available for being consulted or stored by remote technicians, favouring a remarkable decrease in the time dedicated to such activities.

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Easy to use and versatile

But the best thing about augmented reality devices is that they are really easy to use.

Nowadays AR tools have reached such a high level of development that they may be introduced in almost any kind of environment. 

AR systems only require a stable wi-fi connection – available basically everywhere- to make communicate the local worker and the remote assistance.

For this reason, also those sites, that present unsafe or unstable features, may be inspected with the same basic tool that companies use in everyday activities.

In conclusion

Augmented reality is revolutionising the industrial field in each of its aspect.

Therefore, it is not surprising that companies are now counting on solutions empowered by AR technology to improve remote visual inspection processes.

As we saw in this article, the benefits that it brings to the involved procedures are many: from the reduction of human errors and time spent on the job – thanks to the constant connection with the remote assistance – to the possibility of sharing real-time videos or photos of the inspection with the rest of the team, AR may definitely boost companies’ overall efficiency.

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