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15 Giugno 2020

Facing Covid-19 challenges with Kiber’s AR solution.

Delivering innovation to our customers is our day-to-day mission. COVID-19 pandemic represented a test bed…

1 Giugno 2020

Kiber joins

Safety is a key factor for all the industries, but for those industries in…

29 Maggio 2020

UIP online webinar

How can technology help enterprises in overcoming the difficulties related to coping with COVID-19…

19 Maggio 2020

The Kiber/VRMedia case at MIB Lens

MIB Lens is a web series by MIB Trieste School of Management, this week’s…

27 Aprile 2020

Kiber joins the VR/AR Association

Kiber is a new member of the VR AR Association, the international organization designed…

7 Aprile 2020

Kiber and Goriziane partnership

Goriziane and Kiber team up to innovate together by providing Augmented Reality solutions for…

12 Marzo 2020

Kiber for COVID-19 Emergency

COVID-19 emergency is having a strong impact on Italy’s enteprises, organizations and public administrations….

4 Novembre 2019

ADIPEC 11-14 November

Come and meet us at Kiber’s booth: Abu Dhabi International Exhibition & Conference is…

30 Ottobre 2019

Innovation in progress

The investment programme sustained thanks to “POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse 1 Azione 1.1.2 Banco…

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