Kiber 3 Atex Kit

Empowering field workforce through remote collaboration
with Kiber Atex Zone 1 certified Kit

Remote operations made smart, safe and efficient.

Kiber 3 is the Atex -Zone 1 certified hands-free solution to keep your workforce always connected

Kiber 3 is a unique Hardware and Software fully integrated AR remote communication wearable solution allowing remote users to support effectively on-site workers in potentially explosive atmospheres. Recent impacts of travel limitation, reduced staffing, and social distancing have shown how an effective AR solution can help address COVID-19 restrictions and challenging conditions with remote assistance.

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Kiber 3 Kit is Atex Zone 1 certified

Discover a safe hands-free wearable solution for use in hazardous environments.

Kiber’s wearable hands-free solution sets a new paradigm for safety in remote operations: Kiber 3 Kit is Atex Zone 1 certified. Kiber 3 Kit is built for maximum safety in field operations: it is made of a carbon fibre reinforced composite polyamide to guarantee extensive and intrinsical safety.

The Kiber 3 Kit, available in Atex Zone 1 certified version, keeps your workforce always connected in a safe way, even in the hardest and most adverse conditions.

Kiber Atex EX

Kiber 3 Atex Kit Unique Features

Kiber 3 Atex Kit developed with industrial players is built to increase on-site productivity, to boost efficiency by raising quality output and reducing human errors with an extra eye on safety and ergonomics.

Kiber 3 Kit

Removable Binocular Visor

Designed for low eyestrain with high quality display resolution

Wide Angle Camera

Clear and steady vision of on-site environment with a 150° field of view

Fully Integrated Headset

Perform efficient communication in noisy environments

6-8 H Long Life Battery

Reduce time pressure in solving emergency situations

4GB Local Storage

Access documentation anytime in stand-alone mode


For close view on details and thermal imaging capacity

Kiber Smart Helmet Augmented Reality Biocular Visor Remote Assistance

Improve your business operations with Kiber 3

Kiber supports business continuity in potentially explosive atmospheres with an all-in-one AR solution providing a shared platform and the right device for effective and safe collaboration between field operators and remote experts. Kiber 3 is designed to perform efficiently on the real needs of remote working operations. Our fully integrated solution is the premium choice enabling businesses to:

Speed Up Diagnostic

Increase Productivity

Reduce Costs

Increase Operating Safety

Discover Kiber 3 Atex Kit

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Making interaction easy and effective

Kiber 3 is easy-to-use both for field workforce and for remote users that can connect from their desktop with no additional software installation. Remote users live the situation on-site as if they were present and on-site workers receive timely and qualified support through different possible interactions:

Shared space


Remote screen sharing


Multiple video

Instant Expertise Everywhere.
Connecting from anywhere across the world.

Kiber helps every worker to be an expert by making company’s know-how accessible and available anytime and anywhere: experience the consultation of data in stand-alone mode, receive live support with low bandwidth consumption for satellite connections, participate to multiple video conferencing or remote file sharing and high quality visualization with wi-fi connection.





The new Kiber 3

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