Kiber’s CEO hosts Sky Business 24 tv show “Pole Position”.

10 Marzo 2021

Our Chief Executive Officer, Federico Gulletta, has been recently invited by Sky’s television studios to host Sky Business 24’s tv show “Pole Position” aired weekly on channel 821. Every week Ilenia De Sena show host interviews managers and entrepreneurs, from Italian and international companies, selected among the excellencies of the world of Business to tell their success stories.

Kiber’s CEO interview was aired on tuesday the 9th of march and is visible in streaming on Business 24’s website and on our YouTube channel, here the full interview.

The topics covered by the interview were many and ranged from the origins of our company, born as a spin-off of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, to its evolution as Kiber and the latest events that have strongly increased the general interest in technologies, like Augmented Reality, applied to the Industry .

Our CEO Gulletta briefly presented our core business and explained what Augmented Reality is and how it can be useful for the Industry in making remote collaboration productive and effective. Kiber’s solutions have been designed on the needs of the Industry and allow to bring expertise everywhere instantly, overcoming barriers related to travelling while improving cost and time efficiency.

The new Kiber 3

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