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7 Novembre 2022

Kiber 3 Field app: latest update brings new and important features

Kiber is a smart, efficient, and intuitive all-in-one solution for empowering your workforce in complex industrial operations, with flexible and cutting-edge AR/XR technology for remote collaboration and everyday industrial processes that require immediate skills.

The Kiber 3/3S technological ecosystem is a fully integrated hardware and software system that allows workers in the field to receive support effectively and users to experience the situation remotely in a hyper-realistic way. One of the key elements of this technology is the Kiber 3 Field app, an AR remote assistance mobile application for Android and iOS that allows on-site users to connect with remote users quickly via their smartphones.

With the recent release of the latest Kiber 3 Field update, the app has been further improved with the addition of new and important features and made even more user-friendly. This is the result of Kiber’s constant commitment to increasing the productivity of employees at companies around the world, achieved thanks to thorough market research and careful attention to our customers’ needs.

New features for the Kiber 3 Field app

The new Kiber 3 Field app has a completely overhauled integrated configurator for Kiber devices to optimise use and interactive troubleshooting. It also features a new user interface with a more efficient and intuitive dark theme, a more functional minimalist aesthetic and a mobile platform layout that focuses user attention on tasks

The app supports K3S helmets linked to the user’s smartphone by USB, using the helmet’s camera and sending work session data streams to the visor. Thanks to the app update, all visors will support MS Teams, providing perfect interoperability with Microsoft’s video conferencing platform. The app makes it possible to connect to a MS Teams session via the session link entered from the app, with additional access to the user’s helmet when connected to the app.

With the new Kiber 3 Field mobile app you can also open a web browser within the application, with the option to view the browser window directly on an internal screen in the visor. In this way the user can access the database remotely, carry out web-based tutorials and provide detailed instructions to the field operator remotely.

When a KS3 helmet is linked to the app in split screen mode, all smartphone content is displayed on the visor alongside the camera view. During a Kiber session, the user can also access a wide range of Android software, viewing the content on the visor at the same time as the stream from the KS3 helmet camera.

The KS3 helmet and Kiber 3 Field app can, of course, be used independently, but combining hardware and software guarantees a number of remote collaboration benefits. Connecting the Kiber 3 Field app to the KS3 helmet allows you to use the helmet in tethered mode, unlocking a number of exclusive features such as cross-reality, access to MS teams and web browsing.

Kiber 3 Field app release – Kiber Tech

The benefits of the new Kiber 3 Field app

Thanks to this latest update, the Kiber 3 Field app has become even more efficient, higher performing and easier to use, offering more comprehensive support to Kiber’s AR/XR technology. Firstly, the new layout focuses user attention on the main tasks thanks to a minimalist aesthetic that makes all the information needed available immediately.

The mobile application also makes it possible to guide the user remotely through familiar visual elements, with a high level of overall usability obtained by excellent visual consistency. The Kiber 3 Field app also suggests default values set to the most commonly used preferences, user-friendly interfaces suitable for any usage conditions and easily accessible menus.

It is also possible to configure the helmet from the app in a simple and intuitive way, to resolve problems of any kind effectively, including those that are time-sensitive. The UI flows in a way that constantly supports the user through an optimised sequence of tasks and wizard-like layout, thanks to development based on specific user goals to prevent user error and make tasks more efficient and safer.

More new features in the Kiber web application update

In addition to the Kiber 3 Field app, the Kiber web application, software that provides full support to KS3 helmets in stand-alone or tethered mode, has also been updated. Support includes camera selection, battery status display, audio booster, image blurring, immersive remote display and remote web browsing display. The new Kiber web application also offers better audio management, including secondary audio support on Firefox and Stereo Mix to optimise the user experience and improve audio during troubleshooting sessions. A timeout on screenshot requests has also been introduced, with automatic removal after three seconds and the sending of a notification to the user through a low-resolution image sampled from the video stream.

The new Kiber 3

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