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Release 3.4 now available!

Improve your business operations with Kiber 3:
discover how to speed up diagnostics, reduce costs and increase productivity and operating safety.

Remote operations made smart, safe and efficient.

Kiber 3 is the hands-free premium choice solution to keep your workforce always connected.

Kiber 3 is a unique Hardware and Software fully integrated AR remote communication wearable solution allowing remote users to support effectively on-site workers in field service activities. Recent impacts due to COVID-19 pandemic, on travel limitation, reduced staffing, and social distancing have shown how an effective AR solution for remote collaboration can help companies in ensuring business continuity and improving overall productivity.

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Improve your business operations with Kiber 3

Kiber supports business continuity in industrial field service with an all-in-one solution for remote collaboration.

Kiber provides a shared platform and the right device for effective and safe collaboration between field operators and remote experts supported by the use of AR tools.

Kiber 3 is designed to perform efficiently on the real needs of remote working operations. Our fully integrated solution is the premium choice enabling businesses to:

Speed Up Diagnostic

Increase Productivity

Reduce Costs

Increase Operating Safety

Kiber 3 Kit Unique Features

Kiber can be used to perform remote inspections, training activities, remote testing and maintenance operations as well as trouble shooting diagnostics.

Kiber 3 Kit developed with industrial players is built to increase on-site productivity, to boost efficiency by raising quality output and reducing human errors with an extra eye on safety and ergonomics.

Kiber 3 Kit

Removable Binocular Visor

Designed for low eyestrain with high quality display resolution

Wide Angle Camera

Clear and steady vision of on-site environment with a 150° field of view

Fully Integrated Headset

Perform efficient communication in noisy environments

6-8 H Long Life Battery

Reduce time pressure in solving emergency situations

4GB Local Storage

Access documentation anytime in stand-alone mode


For close view on details and thermal imaging capacity

Kiber Smart Helmet Augmented Reality Biocular Visor Remote Assistance

An easy-to-use interface
to make remote collaboration easy and effective

Kiber 3 Web New UI

Kiber 3 Web is the shared collaboration space where on-site workforce and remote users, providing timely and qualified support, meet to cooperate safely and efficiently.

The new Kiber 3 Web allows real-time video communication, providing useful AR collaboration tools.
Enable your remote users to live the situation as if they were present and perform an effective collaboration with field workforce to get the job done.

Shared space


Remote screen sharing


Multiple video

Now available Release 3.4

Kiber’s latest 3.4 Release takes another step forward in delivering new features and functionalities for an improved experience.

Multilanguage support

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Stand alone mode

Record and play audio/video files, access useful documents offline.

Enhanced security

Password/time limited sessions and roles’ management

QR code reader

Easy set-up and more features

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The new Kiber 3

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