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1 Giugno 2020

Safety is a key factor for all the industries, but for those industries in manufacturing, construction, extraction, and others requiring frequent inspections and maintenance, it is even more important.

Safety is paramount in the fully integrated solutions we deliver to our international customers.

Kiber System is safe both in terms of safety on the workplace with a hands free AR solution and in terms of cyber-safety for data transmission with our extremely secure and tested communication protocol.

Kiber has recently joined, the world’s largest network of technology-enabled solution providers for workplace safety and operational risk management. Safetytech platform connects Kiber to leading industrial companies who are looking to invest in new technologies to better manage risk, improve the safety, productivity and sustainability of their platforms, as well as provide cutting-edge training experiences to upskill their employees.

This platform was created by DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS), a leading global provider of operations management consulting services.

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