Kiber for MACCHI, Sofinter Spa.

15 Maggio 2021

MACCHI, operational division of SOFINTER Spa, is a leading and highly experienced company active, on worldwide basis, in the supply of industrial boilers for oil & gas business and heat recovery steam generators for cogeneration plants (CHP). With over than 1,000 units in operation in 50 different Countries, MACCHI is focused in consolidating and strengthen its presence on the existing markets, successfully approaching new ones.

Due to travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19 pandemic, MACCHI introduced Kiber’s Assisted Reality innovative solution to provide its customers with positive experiences in hard times.  Kiber 3 has been selected by MACCHI as it represents the state-of-the-art in the augmented reality industry, offering its technology as a value-added-service and setting a new paradigm in remote collaboration and communication.

Kiber 3 makes it possible for MACCHI to carry out FAT (Functional Acceptance Testing) by supporting remotely and effectively its local technicians and allowing inspectors and its customers’ technicians to participate actively to testing operations. Kiber 3 allows MACCHI’s clients to experience the operations as if they were present and validate the inspection in real-time avoiding delay in MACCHI’s business activities and improving overall efficiency, reducing costs/times simultaneously.

MACCHI has recognized in Kiber 3 a strong technological partner in providing its usual high quality performance and making remote these operations. In today’s world, some simple and routine tasks are difficult to carry out without physical presence. AR remote tools can help in many field service operations ranging from troubleshooting to maintenance, from inspection to assembly.

MACCHI has taken a key role as a game changer innovation in business by using Kiber technology solution; MACCHI has been able to integrate the usage of Kiber 3 into its existing business processes with relative ease, improving collaboration between people, and between users / clients.

The new Kiber 3

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