Kiber AR equipment is the first to receive DNV Type Approval, revolutionizing Offshore Inspections

24 Maggio 2024

Offshore operations have long relied on meticulous inspections to ensure the safety and efficiency of critical equipment. However, these inspections have often necessitated significant travel and expenses for personnel. Today, a groundbreaking solution emerges as DNV grants Streamsolution the first Type Approval for an Augmented Reality (AR) headset designed to conduct remote witnessing of inspections.

Cutting expenses through AR remote inspections

Developed by Kiber, this cutting-edge AR headset represents a transformative leap forward in offshore operations. With this technology, facility owners and operators can now conduct essential activities without the need for personnel to travel to the worksite. By eliminating the expenses associated with transportation and accommodation, while offering enhanced scheduling flexibility, this innovation significantly benefits both expert inspectors and facility operations.

Joar Haland, Senior Principal Engineer at DNV, stated that:

“We are all very pleased with the process and that we now have our first type approved remote witnessing system (REW system). We see a clear increase in demands for remote activities in the industry. This calls for reliable REW systems that can deliver functionality and performance to ensure required efficiency and quality of the inspections.”

Combining Kiber’s groundbreaking AR headset design with Streamsolution’s industry expertise, this technology is rapidly revolutionizing offshore companies’ working practices, not only in the North Sea but also worldwide. By meeting the rigorous standards set by DNV, including exhaustive gap analysis and equipment testing, Streamsolution has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to enhancing efficiency within the offshore industry.

Federico Gulletta, CEO of VR Media, described this milestone as

“another demonstration of the important role that AR headset technology will play in industry going forward. The evolution of this critical workflow using our technology will provide tremendous value to the oil and gas industry and beyond.”

The successful demonstration and certification of this technology for remote inspections pave the way for countless other valuable applications across various industries. With the potential for significant financial savings and enhanced operational efficiency, this innovation marks a transformative moment in the realm of offshore inspections.

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The new Kiber 3

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