Kiber and RINA partnership

Kiber and RINA partnership

Kiber partners up with RINA, leading company in the shipping classification and certification. The main goal of this exclusive agreement is to empower technologies in remote inspection through the use of Kiber System.

Paolo Moretti, RINA’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented on the partnership: “We are very pleased with the collaboration between RINA and Kiber. Augmented Inspection is a technology with great opportunities that represents a further step to digitalization in the shipping field. Delivering to our customers an innovative solution like Kiber will set us a step ahead on the market.”

Kiber System will consent the completion of inspections for mainteinance and reparation activities as well as visits for the continued validity of certificates by connecting the technical offices with the ship constructors. It will be possible to receive live instructions on the correct procedures and visualize instantly the required documents.

Kiber, through this global partnership with RINA, will deliver an advanced remote inspection system for real benefits in terms of efficiency and safety in Marine operations.

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