Kiber K3S is here

Unleash the multi-feature AR/XR  wearable device empowering field workforce with 5G capabilities

Kiber 3S is here

The multi-feature wearable hands-free device empowering field workforce

Define new ways of interaction between workers across the globe

Kiber K3S

The new Kiber K3S is designed to perform and satisfy the real need in remote working operations.

Kiber K3S AR/ XR solutions guide workforce on solving time-sensitive, critical issues.

Access Your Organization Tools

Load the applications or documents needed to obtain specific information and support during on-site operations.

Kiber remote support
Kiber 3S Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Helmet View Microsoft Teams

Collaborate with remote experts on Microsoft Teams

Connecting workers with remote experts to get ambitious tasks done in challenging conditions has never been so easy.

Transform Field Service

Connect field technicians to company systems.

Real time audio and video documentation to support worflows and reduce error rates

The right solution for any needs

Kiber K3S is a versatile remote collaboration tool, for any industry and application field







Connect People, Processes and Data

Kiber K3S is the first Enterprise AR/XR solution wich integrates technical tools, cross reality, and Android apps to bring Instant Expertise Everywhere.

Kiber 3S Field

Systems Integrations

Kiber K3S interacts with assets, equipments and the systems you are using today. 

Our solution support easy integration with ERP/CMMS/WFM and other company software.

When tethered with an Android smartphone a whole new world of phone/helmet hybrid applications becomes possible.

Kiber 3S Kit Unique Features

Kiber 3S

Removable Binocular Visor

Designed for low eyestrain with high quality display resolution

Wide Angle Camera

Clear and steady vision of on-site environment with a 160° field of view

Fully Integrated Headset

Perform efficient communication in noisy environments

6-8 H Long Life Battery

Reduce time pressure in solving emergency situations

12GB Local Storage

Access documentation anytime in stand-alone mode

Tethered Mode

Unlock additional features mirroring your Android smartphone with the helmet

Discover Kiber K3S

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Instant Expertise Everywhere.
Connecting from anywhere across the world.

Kiber Augmented Reality Smart Helmet Remote Assistance Innovation Digital Transformation

Kiber helps every worker to be an expert by making company’s know-how accessible and available anytime and anywhere: experience the consultation of data in stand-alone mode, receive live support with low bandwidth consumption for satellite connections, participate to multiple video conferencing or remote file sharing and high quality visualization with wi-fi connection.






Kiber 3 Kiber Field App Augmented Reality Interface Innovation Remote Assistance

Kiber 3 Field App

One app for many solutions: erase distances by bringing your technicians and experts together to fastly communicate and effectively collaborate. Kiber 3 Field App is the easy-to-use AR remote assistance tool designed for IoS and Android devices.

The new Kiber 3

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