Kiber K3Evo

Discover the ultra light and versatile AR device

Kiber 3Evo

Discover the ultra light and versatile AR device empowering field workforce

The right solution for any needs

Kiber 3Evo weighs only 120 g and can be adapted to any type of support








Kiber 3Evo Unique Features

(1280 x 960 pixel per-eye) for maximum visual comfort, designed also for complex outdoor environments.

160° Field of view

With only 120g weight and the universal hotshoe plug, it can be mounted on different type of standard hats, bands, safety glasses, PPE, and more

Access documentation anytime in stand-alone mode.

Unlock additional features mirroring your Android smartphone with the helmet.

Which allows easy management, monitoring, and security of all the devices used.

K3Evo Data Sheet

Featured solutions for healthcare

The integration of AR and AI technologies transforms healthcare delivery, fostering improved patient outcomes, increased efficiency, and enhanced professional development within the healthcare industry.

Collection and visualization of images during follow-up visits. Automated checklists used in basic checks/assessments, not expert-level

Remote collaboration with specialists (e.g., rare diseases, complex operations, etc.). Visual identification of patients' anomalies (e.g., by measuring size or using thermal camera images)

Viewing interactive procedures in emergency situations for first aiders (e.g., paramedics). Access to patient records during treatment (e.g., first aid, surgical operations). Remote monitoring of patient vital signs. Sharing information on operational data of life-saving machinery (e.g., heart-lung machines, ventilators, etc.)

Providing direct experiential learning to address critical skills gaps in healthcare training. Delivering personalized learning paths, feedback, and adaptive assessments, tailoring the educational experience to individual needs.

Systems Integrations

Kiber K3S interacts with assets, equipments and the systems you are using today. 

Our solution support easy integration with ERP/CMMS/WFM and other company software.

When tethered with an Android smartphone a whole new world of phone/helmet hybrid applications becomes possible.

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