Kiber 3 Web 3.2 Release

6 Aprile 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment in delivering our customers positive and improved experiences, Kiber 3 Web’s powerful platform for remote collaboration has been upgraded and now offers an enriched user experience in delivering support and remote collaboration to and with field technicians.

With this latest release we have introduced a major OS and UX upgrade to users’ experience in remote collaboration through Kiber 3 Web adding new features and improving existing ones on specific important topics such as security and privacy.

SECURITY – Kiber’s activity in enhancing the security of its technology is continuous, our latest release includes improvements in security such as encrypted URLs for sharing sessions with remote users, password and time limited sessions and new roles’ management features.

PRIVACY – In Kiber we take information security and privacy seriously. Visual Privacy is strictly related with the dissemination of visual information, the expectation of privacy, and the related legal issues. In order to help our customers to keep under control the flow of visual information we have introduced new features enabling its management.

AUDIO PERFORMANCE – Workers in the Industry are surrounded by high-noise levels, communication in high noise can be extremely difficult. With this latest release we enhanced communication in noisy work environments with a new acoustic echo cancelling algorithm and remote control audio features for boosting and selecting audio-input.

REMOTE TOOLS OPTIMIZATION – Every day we work to make interaction between people easier, safer and more efficient. Latest release comprises the optimization of current remote tools for a more robust and efficient performance in remote collaboration.

Kiber 3 is the one-stop solution connecting field workers with remote users to increase productivity, while reducing time and travel cost, through remote collaboration.

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