Kiber 3 – New 3.5 Release

7 Aprile 2022

We are continuously improving Kiber’s Software and Firmware to help you and your company meet the business needs.

With Kiber 3.5.0 release, we have enhanced video and network performances to provide a better user experience and improved audio, chat, recording, and security features to interact and collaborate more successfully.

Starting from the next release, the chat window will support file transfers, and it will be possible to record a session without interruption following a role switching.

Kiber 3.5.0 will also support multilanguage, allowing the web interface language to be customised in Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Russian.

New experimental features will be available on-demand through our customer support:
we have improved the authentication feature to allow you to access Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory provider and offer you a continuous, consistent, and seamless login experience between Microsoft’s Office365 Suite and Kiber. In addition, we made available Kiber APIs which can quickly receive calls from different platforms, allowing third-party development and integration with other software.

kiber release 3.5

Here’s the summary of the new features and improvements available with the release 3.5

  • Dynamic detection of audio input (Chromium based browsers)
  • Chat support for exchanging generic files and documents
  • The recording session stays active even when the primary user switches his role
  • Cybersecurity protocols update
  • Improvement of video quality and performance through WebCodecs (Chromium-based browsers)
  • Improvement of QRCode configuration page for Kiber Devices (data encryption, UX)
  • Improved network performances of live annotations
  • Live streaming during screen sharing available only for Mobile Camera and Handcam

Furthermore, new beta features will be available upon request:

  • Updated support to Azure Active Directory SSO
  • Availability of Kiber Web API
  • K -Streamer Remote Control Web Portal integration

Should you have any questions or need more info contact us!

The new Kiber 3

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