Kiber 3 – New 3.4 Release

1 Novembre 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment in delivering our customers positive and improved experiences, Kiber’s latest 3.4 Release takes another step forward in delivering new features and functionalities to Kiber’s fully integrated AR remote communication wearable solution.

With Kiber’s latest 3.3 Release we take another step in our continuous commitment in delivering Kiber customers positive and improved experiences in their digital transformation. Kiber now offers multilanguage support for an improved operating digital environment. Kiber system now operates in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian. We make interaction in remote collaboration easier for everyone around the world with a customised language web interface experience.

Field technicians can now take advantage of easy setup of Kiber 3 Kit with QR Code

Latest release offers the new functionality for easy setup of our Kiber device through QR code. In addition to using the configurator included in the Kiber 3 Field Mobile App, Kiber Devices systems and remote sessions can be now configured through QRCodes generated by the Kiber Web app.

Our effort to improve business operations by making interaction in remote collaboration easier and more efficient, goes beyond adding new features empowering remote collaboration in its usability and safety.

Kiber Release 3.4 improves more of its features:

Settings panel – Easy setup of preferences in a dedicated panel
Camera control – Enable/disable camera during streaming sessions
Activity management – Revoke saving media privileges to secondary experts
Zoom controls – Zoom on shared screen
Live stream – Keep streaming active during screen sharing
Safety controls – Print screen key press detection of participants

The new Kiber 3

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