Kiber 3 Kit Review: A Versatile Augmented Reality Tool For Remote Assistance

9 Novembre 2020

Nowadays, many businesses and working sectors are searching for the perfect remote assistance solutions to be employed in their factories and assets, especially in the industrial sector. One interesting solution adopted by many corporations is the implementation of AR head-mounted devices (HUD), a versatile augmented reality tool for remote assistance.

Remote assistance is something relatively new that has been updated constantly since its introduction during the first internet-boom.

That’s why we’ll start by showing how remote assistance came for the first time on the international scene, with the so-called Remote Desktop Connection, and how such a technique has been transformed to guide human beings instead of computers.

Remote Desktop Connection And Remote Assistance

Remote Desktop Connection is a famous feature that appeared in the 90s, since the first Windows systems produced by Microsoft during those years.

This option allows access to your computer from another one located in a remote location. 

This feature exists until now and it’s widely used not only for Windows systems or Microsoft related products, but to understand how it works we’ll stick with the Windows historical feature.

In order to access, operate a fix an issue from a remote location by linking a computer with another one and its remote user, we’ll have to be sure that:

  • the computer-in-need allows the remote connection by setting it in a section called ” System Properties”
  • remote user need the computer’s IP address in order to connect its computer to the malfunctioning PC
  • remote user need the administrator account credential of the host in order to have full access
A Versatile Augmented Reality Tool For Remote Assistance

Once everything has been set-up, remote user will have full access to the other computer and will be able to operate freely any operation needed to solve any issue troubling the computer-in-need as if he or she were right there on the spot, using the host computer as if the remote user would be sit in front of it.

This kind of operation is also commonly known as troubleshooting.

In the same way, we have to think of doing the same thing as manoeuvring a PC from the inside or like being sit right there, but instead of having a remote user guiding a cursor without using a mouse, the remote expert will control a person, the local user, thanks to the power of augmented reality tech. 

Augmented Reality And Remote Assistance

Understanding what remote assistance originally meant and how it is performed, we can now explain the functioning of augmented reality technology and how it is implemented nowadays in remote assistance.

Augmented reality tech shows nothing but an enhanced version of the reality the local user has in front of him or she, which is created thanks to the power of technology used to overlay digital information on an image (usually a video streamed live) of what is being viewed through the AR device in that very moment.

This allows remote users, usually a required expert or experts to watch what’s happening right there through the (digital) eyes of your on-site workforce and guide it with a versatile remote guide tool for remote assistance. 

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Remote user will guide step by step your local specialist, even if we are speaking about the newest between your employees, addressing any problem seen on both screens by adding real-time information with digital data in form of text, instructions, interactive pop-up and much more.

Plus, the remote user will also speak and communicate properly with the host, of course.

This will be possible though only with the proper equipment, therefore you will have to find a versatile remote guide tool for remote assistance adequate to your business need, such as in the case of our latest product, the Kiber 3 kit, which includes all the AR features mentioned in this article.

The new Kiber 3

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