Meet Kiber Atex 3 Kit

The multi-feature wearable hands-free device empowering field workforce

Meet Kiber 3 Kit

The multi-feature wearable hands-free device empowering field workforce

Designed to perform and satisfy the real needs in remote working operations.

A wearable solution allowing on-site workers to receive support while staying focused on their job with a “hands-free” solution.

Kiber 3 Kit empowers field workforce with a wearable hardware for remote assistance based on AR technology: a head-mounted device with a unique binocular visor, an HD video camera, a performing set of headphones/microphone, a handcam for additional views with thermal imaging capacity and a 4GB local storage for use in stand-alone mode.

Kiber 3 Kit Unique Features

Kiber 3 Kit developed with industrial players is built to increase on-site productivity, to boost efficiency by raising quality output and reducing human errors with an extra eye on safety and ergonomics.

Kiber 3 Kit

Removable Binocular Visor

Designed for low eyestrain with high quality display resolution

Wide Angle Camera

Clear and steady vision of on-site environment with a 150° field of view

Fully Integrated Headset

Perform efficient communication in noisy environments

6-8 H Long Life Battery

Reduce time pressure in solving emergency situations

4GB Local Storage

Access documentation anytime in stand-alone mode


For close view on details and thermal imaging capacity

Kiber Smart Helmet Augmented Reality Biocular Visor Remote Assistance

Kiber 3 Kit is Atex Zone 1 certified

Discover a safe hands-free wearable solution for use in hazardous environments.

Kiber’s wearable hands-free solution sets a new paradigm for safety in remote operations: Kiber 3 Kit is Atex Zone 1 certified. Kiber 3 Kit is built for maximum safety in field operations: it is made of a carbon fibre reinforced composite polyamide to guarantee extensive and intrinsical safety.

The Kiber 3 Kit, available in Atex Zone 1 certified version, keeps your workforce always connected in a safe way, even in the hardest and most adverse conditions.

Kiber Atex EX

Discover Kiber 3 Kit

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Instant Expertise Everywhere.
Connecting from anywhere across the world.

Kiber helps every worker to be an expert by making company’s know-how accessible and available anytime and anywhere: experience the consultation of data in stand-alone mode, receive live support with low bandwidth consumption for satellite connections, participate to multiple video conferencing or remote file sharing and high quality visualization with wi-fi connection.





Remote operations made smart, safe and efficient

Kiber Augmented Reality Smart Helmet Remote Assistance Innovation Digital Transformation

Connecting workers with remote experts to get ambitious tasks done in challenging conditions has never been so easy.
With Kiber you’ll be able to perform different activities through remote collaboration:

Kiber 3 Kiber Field App Augmented Reality Interface Innovation Remote Assistance

Kiber 3 Field App

One app for many solutions: erase distances by bringing your technicians and experts together to fastly communicate and effectively collaborate. Kiber 3 Field App is the easy-to-use AR remote assistance tool designed for IoS and Android devices.

The new Kiber 3

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