Facing Covid-19 challenges with Kiber’s AR solution.

15 Giugno 2020

Delivering innovation to our customers is our day-to-day mission. COVID-19 pandemic represented a test bed for many companies in finding innovative solutions to succeed through this emergency. Our customer Tecnimont experienced the true efficiency of our Kiber 3 solution in these hard times by adopting our all-in-one AR solution for a new way of working and one goal: achieve outstanding results in extraordinary conditions.

Tecnimont team at the LIWA plastic EPC 2 project in Oman was able to carry out remote inspections of the plant respecting all set regulations using Kiber 3. Serena Rondella, Design HSE Engineer, carried out a remote inspection of the plant through Kiber technology which successfully led to the startup of the Process Unit.

Thank you Tecnimont for sharing the latest AR smart experience with Kiber solution: resilience, flexibility and turnkey solutions are the key to success.


The new Kiber 3

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