Inspection expert? Here is how Kiber can upgrade your work!

29 Dicembre 2020

The reasons why our innovative AR device can make your business competitive in the inspection market.

Inspection is becoming more and more central in every kind of industry. It allows preventive maintenance and proper management of industrial factories.

Normally, inspection processes are conducted manually by local operators with the support of old and limited tools. This may lead to inaccurate inspection results and, consequently, to wrong conclusions.

Given its importance, it has become primarily for inspection companies to find a way to stand out in the market.

Businesses started to turn to innovative technologies – like augmented reality – to increase their productivity and their efficiency.

AR technology is a recently developed system, originally born in the gaming and entertainment field. It changes the way users perceive the world around them by overlaying digital content (images, texts or sounds) on the reality framework.

It has great potential especially for business application, since it is believed to be the technology that will lead the global industrial world into the fourth industrial revolution.

Augmented reality devices has been introduced also in the inspection and maintenance operations and proved to be ideal to carry out plant inspections, security and compliance checks as well as regular maintenance to ensure quality.

Our product – Kiber 3 – is an innovative and versatile AR device that may upgrade the operating processes of your company, and here below we are going to see how.

augmented reality to upgrade your work

A fully equipped all-in-one solution

Our augmented reality device is a safety helmet equipped with a set of professional tools essential for inspection purposes:

  • An HD video camera for clear and steady vision of the on-site environment;
  • A binocular visor designed for low eyestrain with high quality display resolution;
  • A set of headphones and microphone to perform efficient communication in noisy situation;
  • A handcam with thermal imaging capacity for close view on details.

These incredible features are all mounted on the helmet, leaving the user with free hands to perform his activities with no limitations.

Long battery life

In addition, Kiber 3 is among the first devices based on augmented reality technology to have a long-lasting battery: up to 6/8 hours.

This enables an extended use of the instrument, that will consequently result in a more efficient procedure, with no time wasted at charging the device.

Speed up diagnostic process

Avoiding downtime is the number one priority of every business, and is the reason why inspections are so important for companies. 

The unique features of our AR device allow businesses to speed up the diagnostic processes during inspections and to spot right away critical situations that may lead to system failures.

Augmented reality, in fact, can help on-site technicians to collect more information about the equipment they are working on and use it to intervene directly on the detected problem, avoiding errors and reducing the related costs.

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Increase workplace safety through remote assistance

AR proved to be a great asset also in another key industrial element: employees’ safety.

Especially in industrial environments, where every machinery or mechanical tool represents a treat to staff safety, companies must present a procedural regulation to which every employee have to abide by.

AR devices as Kiber 3 allow a constant connection between the on-site operators and the remote assistance. This is usually performed by professional expertise that follow step by step the activities of local technicians.

Doing like this, on-site workers have somebody to assist them in case of need and, on the other side, companies may count on the remote support to supervise their employees and check if they comply with safety procedures.

Conclusion If your company is looking for a solution that can improve the efficiency, productivity and safety measures of your inspection processes – check out our website for more information.

The new Kiber 3

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