Our consulting streams

A remote assistance project for your field service is more than clicking “install”: it’s about changing the way your service organization works together. Our consulting services focus on three main streams: content, engagement and technology. We are able to serve the most demanding markets with the most suitable tools; Kiber Solutions is a platform that may comply with the information you need to share. Any question? Ask a Kiber Solutions expert.

The Kiber Solutions approach

Let’s start with a call. Let us know exactly what you need and what you expect. We’ll propose you the most suitable package and solution.

steady, go

We’ll help you launch your remote assistance tool quickly and effectively. No deadline is too tight, everything is planned. We’ll make sure your highest expectations will be fulfilled.

No pitfalls
on your path

We have worked for years with some of the major international players; oil & gas, mining, automotive, insurance, the list is too long to complete. No fear of potential pitfalls: we’ll support to have your project done right the first time.

You’ll never
be alone

From strategy to systems integration, virtual and augmented reality, every step of your project will be supervised by a full team of remote assistance experts.

Perfectly tailored on your needs

Being just flexible is not enough; Kiber Solutions are 100% customized to fit all your needs, whether business or technological.

Content goals

All the information you want to convey are made available to field engineers with the guidance of experts, so they get the job done. Quickly and flawlessly.

Our references