Why the Industrial sector must consider Remote AR Assistance in 2020

10 Agosto 2020

With all its pros and virtually no cons, here’s why the Industrial sector must consider remote AR assistance as a key feature for 2020.

The implementation of remote AR assistance marked a major turning point in the history of both augmented reality tech and remote assistance.

Year 2020 has been considered arguably one of the most challenging years of the last decades for many people. With the Covid-19 crisis still rampaging around the world, businesses and industries are facing many challenges such as the economic crisis began as a consequence of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, travel bans and health issues.

So it is time for the Industrial sector in particular to consider remote AR assistance as one of the best weapons it can have right now for many reasons.

To surpass lack of qualified personnel.

remote ar assistance for lack of qualified personnel

One of the biggest issues emerged during 2020 was the lack of professional personnel and expertise.

Our workers might be affected by the virus or forced quarantine, which can be imposed once someone makes contact with a person affected by Covid-19.

Mandatory quarantine can last several days or weeks, depending on many factors such as the State where we are and the consequential procedures to get tested and receive the results. Basically, it means that our personnel can be prevented from coming to work also if they are not sick.

For this reason, many companies have implemented new forms of intelligent work and augmented reality for the industrial enterprise could be a turning point for this sector.

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Smart Working, Problem Solving and Remote AR Assistance.

problem Solving and Remote AR Assistance

To put it in perspective, some Industrial machineries have delicate equipment that In case of problems only our most qualified personnel are authorized to operate with it to resolve the issue.

Thanks to our Kiber Tech products we give the chance even to the newest among your workers to operate in safety with our remote augmented reality assistance features: your personnel will be guided step by step as if the remote user were right there, next to your worker, and on their visual equipment and live streaming video there will pop-up images and data that will address every issues and the way to resolve it.

For this purpose, our Kiber 3 kit includes an HUB Removable Binocular Visor designed for low eye strain with high quality display resolution and a wide Angle Camera that will give to the worker-in-need a clear and steady vision of on-site environment with a 150° field of view and fully integrated headset to have an efficient communication with the remote user even in industrial noisy environments.

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To enable knowledge transfer

Therefore, our latest Kiber Tech product gives the chance to your personnel to access a sort of “instant expertise”. They will receive AR assistance also in form of AR tutorial (so not only live remote AR assistance) which are way more intuitive and accessible on many devices thanks to its 4GB Local Storage that includes access documentation anytime in stand-alone mode.

As a matter of fact, thanks to its multi-feature wearable hands-free device included in our Kiber 3 kit empowers field workforce to resolve any issue with the best and practicable solution available on the spot without having to wait any further for a key figure that cannot come to work because of the aforementioned problems or an outside expert which might encounter even bigger obstacles.

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